Keyboard PCBA
March 3, 2021

Update #1| Closer to mass production.

The Wooting two HE is getting ready for mass production. Most of the essentials were completed with thanks to the Lekker Edition (LE) production (the limited edition predecessor). We started to check off a lot of smaller items including packaging, contents, and colors. Items we had already started on month back.

The main challenge for this production is going through another round of EVT, DVT, and PVT. Even though it’s essentially the same keyboard  as the Wooting two LE, we still need to treat it as a new product and go through the checks.

We made a few minor changes to the PCBA that have no impact on performance and help us save cost. One of them being the same Hall effect sensor but then with a mirrored orientation.

The main issue we’re facing now came out of nowhere. Our top/switch plate vendor decided to call quits and recommended us to move the mold to a different vendor. The vendor was aware of our tight schedule and due to private circumstances recommended us to move the mold for the integrity of the product.

There is a plan in motion and I do not know what the impact on the schedule will be at this time. We are trying to simultaneous move the mold and make an improvement to it (flusher fit).

It is safe to say that we can’t reach the April deadline anymore and need to move the shipment date to May. Once I have more information, I will write out a larger update and update the schedule.

Co-founder and CEO
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