Translucent 80HE
February 9, 2024

Wooting 80HE - Case material

In this update, we’re going to tell you more about case material and the different cases that we’re thinking of using for the 80HE keyboard.

We’ve noticed that there is a strong sentiment for more environmentally friendly materials in our daily life, but it’s awkwardly silent in the gaming community. We’re not talking about buying carbon credits, we’re talking about real impact by changing the way our products are made, packed and delivered. 

We’ve grown as a company, we’re starting to feel that it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves on environmentally friendly manufacturing and implement this into our own process. Since this is a tricky subject, we’ll be implementing it one step at a time, probably making mistakes along the way, but always moving forward.

This is why we opted for 2 case materials for the 80HE.

PCR ABS plastics

Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) ABS plastic originates from previously made ABS products that were properly recycled back upstream. The 80HE plastic top and bottom case is 85% PCR. You don’t notice any difference in the material strength or durability.

Zinc alloy

Zinc Alloy is a sturdy metal that has 2 to 3 times the weight density of aluminum. By casting zinc alloy, we can not only make a very hefty case, but also achieve designs similar to plastic injected cases. This material is also easily recycled once the product life is over.
We’re still experimenting a lot with different colours and finishes to find out how we can create a unique look and feel that embraces the advantages of casting zinc alloy, opposed to completely CNC machining an aluminum block.

Pitch in your opinion

We’ve experimented a lot with the 80HE plastic case and need your insight to help guide us into the right direction. We have 3 different style cases that we can further explore with colours, you can vote which style has your preference on X and/or Discord:

  • Stealth
  • Stealth with speckles
  • Smokey translucent with speckles

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