Wooting 80HE

A low latency, analog keyboard in an 80% layout, packed with cutting edge features like True 8kHz polling, Rapid Trigger and our latest innovation: Rappy Snappy.

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Founders' campaign ended





The Wooting 80HE Founders’ Campaign has come to an end, and we are blown away by the sheer amount of founders that supported the Wooting 80HE! We will continue to do everything we can to make impactful products together with you.

During the Founders' campaign, 23,355 founders raised €7,452,597 in just 32 days. To all the founders: Thank you for your support! The Wooting 80HE will now be available for normal pre-orders.

Meet the 80HE

Everything you'd expect from Wooting in an 80% layout.

We’ve applied everything we’ve learned so far, making the 80HE our most complete keyboard yet. With several new elements improving the sound, adding new features that enhance your gaming performance and implementing true 8kHz polling to make it our fastest keyboard to date.

Wooting 80HE RGB

Analog Input Unleashed

Full range switch motion.

The Wooting 80HE detects full switch motion with 0.1mm accuracy from start to end. Every single key outputs an analog signal that can be used for numerous features that enhances your typing and gaming experience.

There is no compromise to be made in what a regular ol’ keyboard might have to offer. Welcome to the future.

True 8kHz Polling Rate

0.125ms Latency.

The 80HE supports up to 8kHz USB polling while also scanning every analog key position at that same rate, providing you with a True 8kHz polling experience. This lowers your keyboard latency to only 0.125ms.

Adjustable Actuation

A pretty "sensitive" subject.

Eliminate the slowest element in input latency; the initial key press travel before key activation. You have full control over your actuation point from 0.1 to 4.0mm.

Configurable per key in 0.1mm steps, you can customize each key towards your playstyle.

Rapid Trigger

Unmatched performance

Eliminate the second slowest element in input latency; return key press travel before key deactivation. Rapid Trigger dynamically changes the actuation and deactivation point. Your keys will activate when you intend to press them and deactivate when you intend to let go.

You can repeat a key press mid motion without needing to surpass a fixed reset or actuation point for rapid presses.

Rappy Snappy

We first brought you Rapid Trigger, now we bring you Rappy Snappy pat. pending.

Rappy Snappy monitors at least 2 selected keys and activates the key pressed the furthest. When combined with Rapid Trigger, it'll compare the keys only when in an active state. Allowing pre-pressing and faster activation on opposite key release. When both are active at the same depth, it'll resort to your selected SOCD resolution. This enhances your (counter) strafing, bunny hopping, and block/parry/combo timing in various games.

Gameplay Benefits

Discover how Wooting provides you with an edge while playing your favorite game.

Side view

Gasket Mount

Less noise, softer feel.

The PCBA and switch plate are held together by a silicone gasket. This absorbs impact, resulting in less noise and a softer feel when you type.

Exploding view
Wooting 80HE

PC Plate

Softer sound, more flex.

The PC plastic switch plate softens the overall typing experience by muting more of the higher frequencies and placing an emphasis on "thock".

PC plate

Screw-in Stabilizers

Eliminate rattle.

The Wooting 80HE is equipped with screw-in stabilizers to eliminate rattle. They’re also replaceable with most third-party screw-in and clip-in stabilizers.

Screw in stabilzier

Sounds good?

Experience the sound of the Wooting 80HE for yourself.

The stock Wooting 80HE sound profile is aimed at low volume with a ‘thock’, while providing a snappy typing feedback. You can change-up the sound with different switches and keycaps, you don't need to mod anything.

Wooting 80HE PCR with Lekker L60 V2 was used in this sound test.

Wooting 80HE back view

A LED bar

With a little twist.

One bar, ten squares, a thousand ways to communicate with you. This is your 80HE talking in abstract about what you need to know. From profiles to active Rappy Snappy, or just let it blend, and give your 80HE character.

Per-key RGB

Make it yours.

Per-key configurable RGB, various (analog) RGB effects, and super duper brightness. It’s all there to satisfy your RGB needs or turn them off.

Choose your flavour

Available in different colors and materials.

PCR Black
PCR Ghost
PCR Frost
Zinc alloy Black
Zinc alloy White
Zinc alloy RAW
PCR black
Zinc frost
PCR black

Disclaimer: This is a non-final render. The Black colour is under development. More information coming soon.


Disclaimer: This is a render. The White color is under development. More information coming soon.

Zinca rawq

Disclaimer: This is a non-final render. The RAW colour uncovers the bare zinc alloy without colouring and is under development. More information coming soon.

Wooting Lekker Switch V2

Less wobble, superior sound.

A contactless magnet switch powered by Hall effect sensors. No metal leaf, pins, optics or other sensitive hardware that suffers from wear, tear, and particles. This survives the test of time and lasts millions of presses.

Lekker L45


Key start force


Key end force

Lekker L60


Key start force


Key end force


Clicks lifespan

0.1 - 4.0 mm

Actuation range

0.1 - 4.0 mm

Reset range




No audible feedback

MX (cross)

Keycap stem


Made to reduce strain and fatigue.

We design our keyboards to have the lowest possible front height with the lowest possible angle to help reduce strain and slow down muscle fatigue. Depending on your hand size, you can change the angle to your preference using the interchangeable silicone feet.

80HE Module

Get the Wooting 80HE Module without switches or keycaps.

Customize your 80HE with your favorite switches, keycaps, and case color with the Module version.

Wooting 80HE module

Our Keycaps

Quality at your fingertips.


Double Shot PBT

Double shot PBT keycaps with an OEM profile. The legends are seamless, backlit and will never fade, tear or wear.


Dye Sub PBT

Thick PBT keycaps with a cherry profile. Legends are seamless and imbued into the plastic through dye-sublimation.



ABS plastic injected keycaps, UV coated, with an OEM profile. The legends are laser etched and backlit.

bomb view


1. LED bar
2. PCR ABS Plastic top case
3. Lekker V2 L60 switches
4. Screw-in stabilizer
5. PC switch plate
6. Silicone sandwich pad & gasket-mount
8. PET film "tape mod"
9. EPDM foam
10. PCR ABS Plastic bottom case
11. M2x5 Screws
12. Silicone feet
13. USB daughter board
14. Interchangeable silicone angled feet


Fast. Accessible. Intuitive.


You won’t need to watch youtube tutorials to get started or break a nerve with the simplest task. The Wootility is simple to use and easy to master.

All stored onboard

You don’t need software to run in the background. All the features work straight from the keyboard and all your settings are saved on the 80HE.

Wootility web

Wootility is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Or simply access it in your browser. Check out the Wootility here.

Remap any key

You can map each key however you see fit over multiple layers and profiles. You won't be forced to learn silly function layers with non-descriptive icons and utilize every key you see fit. You have full control over your productive workflow with remap.

Advanced Keys

Set advance keys such as mod tap, DKS, and toggle key to increase your efficiency and uncover peak productivity.

60HE+ module


Step by step to a sustainable future.

We're committed to learn how to and adapt our products to be environmental friendlier without compromising quality. The 80HE applied our first wave of changes.

The top and bottom case of the 80HE are made of 65% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) ABS plastics. You’ll make an eco-friendly choice without trading it for durability. Alternatively the zinc alloy metal case is an infinitely recyclable material.

The packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard and all our "plastic" bags are made by compostable material.

Let's recap

The Wooting 80HE in a nutshell.

Wooting 80HE ICon

Rapid Trigger

Keys that activate and deactivate when you intend to.

Wooting 80HE ICon

Adjustable Actuation

Full control over your actuation point from 0.1 to 4.0mm.

Wooting 80HE ICon

Rappy Snappy

For a more consistent strafe and a dynamic resolution to SOCD

Wooting 80HE ICon

True 8kHz Polling

Synchronized keyboard scanning and usb polling at 8kHz (0.125ms).


Gasket Mounted

High-end mounting system resulting in less noise and more bounce.

Wooting 80HE ICon

PC Plate

Pre-Installed with a PC switch plate for a softer feel and vibrant sound.

Wooting 80HE ICon

Screw-in Stabilizers

Pre-installed with screw-in stabilizers to eliminate rattle.

Wooting 80HE ICon

Dynamic Led Bar

1 bar, 10 squares, 1000s of ways to communicate with you.

Them specs and data

All the important facts.

Technical Specifications


Lekker L60 V2


PBT, ABS and Dye sub options available


PCR ABS or Zinc alloy


Screw-in stabilizer

Switch plate

White polycarbonate (PC) plate

Sandwich pad



Wooting 80HE


2 meter USB-C to C nylon braided cable


346 x 142mm | 13.6 x 5.6 inch
19.4mm (H) front case height, no keycap
28.4mm (H) front height with OEM keycap


PCR ABS: 790 grams
Zinc alloy: 2160 grams



Lekker switches, Gateron KS-20 switches


Screw-in stabilizer


Top & bottom case (gasket mount)

What is inside the box

1x Wooting 80HE

1x Switch & keycap puller

3x Spare L60 switches | 1x Spare L45 Switch

1x USB cable C to C

1x USB C to A dongle

2x 6 degree foot

2x 10 degree foot

4x M2x5 Spare screws

7x Additional keycaps: Home, End, Scrl Lk, A1, A2, A3, Wooting logo key

1x Post card <3

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Lekker L60 V2 switches
Keycap & switch puller
Braided USB-C to C cable
USB-C to USB-A dongle

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Lekker L60 V2 switches
Keycap & switch puller
Braided USB-C to C cable
USB-C to USB-A dongle

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80HE Zinc alloy



Lekker L60 V2 switches
Keycap & switch puller
Braided USB-C to C cable
USB-C to USB-A dongle
Travel case

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Lekker L60 V2 switches
Keycap & switch puller
Braided USB-C to C cable
USB-C to USB-A dongle
Travel case

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80HE Module


Build your own

Choose your case
Keycap & switch puller
Braided USB-C to C cable
USB-C to USB-A dongle
Travel case w/ zinc alloy option

Get yours
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