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Wooting 80HE

The Wooting 80HE is a low-latency keyboard for professional gaming athletes and hobbyists seeking the cutting edge without compromising on productivity. It delivers on Wooting’s industry breaking features such as rapid trigger, adjustable actuation point, and analog movement.

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Highlights and Features

Wooting 80HE Feature List - updates regularly

Performance - true 8kHz polling

One of our goals for the 80HE was to reduce input latency to make sure the keyboard is not holding you back.

It took us quite some effort to implement because we needed a whole new MCU (Micro Controlling Unit) to make it work. We also had to figure out a bunch of things to actually achieve True 8K polling.

Case materials

PCR ABS plastics
Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) ABS plastic originates from previously made ABS products that were properly recycled back upstream. The 80HE plastic top and bottom case is 85% PCR. You don’t notice any difference in the material strength or durability.

Zinc alloy
Zinc Alloy is a sturdy metal that has 2 to 3 times the weight density of aluminum. By casting zinc alloy, we can achieve the same 80HE design as the plastic case, but then it’s mega heavy. This material is also easily recycled once the product life is over.


Once you start to feel strain on your tendons while typing or gaming, it's telling you to take a break, your muscles are tired, so don't overuse them. By reducing the strain, you can go on for longer before muscle fatigue kicks in.

We follow these guidelines to minimize the strain on your hands:  
1. Front side height, including OEM keycaps, no higher than 30mm
2. Total height as low as possible
3. The least amount of degrees angle.

The 80HE is 2.8 degrees with flat feet and has a total front height of 28.4mm with OEM keycaps. You can swap out the flat feet for angled silicone feet at 6, and 10 degrees. We recommend using:
- 2.8 degrees for large-sized hands.
- 6 degrees for medium-sized hands
- 10 degrees for smaller-sized hands.

If you end up needing a wrist rest, then you should use the lowest angle possible.


Gasket Mount & Module

The 80HE has a gasket mounting system by clamping the module with the top and bottom case. This mounting method helps:

• Soften the feel when typing without creating a mushy or cushioned feeling
• Eliminates otherwise stiff, harsher sounding keys around plate/PCB to case screw points.
• Changes the acoustics to filter out certain tones, allowing for a richer and deeper sound profile dependent on the switches installed.

The 80HE module has a silicone sandwich pad in between the switch plate and PCB sticking out on the top, bottom, and sides to be clamped on by the top and bottom case. This allows us to create more silicone pads for alternative mounting methods. One of them is a friction fit mount, also known as an o-ring or gummy mount, to make it easier for 3rd parties to create a case or even make their own mounting method. We opted for this direction to ensure we can give you the best and most stable performance by continuing to use our switch plate and PCB combination. An essential combination for a sensitive device.


The Alternative 80% Layout

The Wooting 80HE has an alternative 80% layout that cuts out 3 unnecessary keys on the side in favor of a smaller footprint and more ergonomic placement for typing and gaming. 

You can decide what keys are important to you and map them on the otherwise low-utilized navigation cluster keys. The nav-keys are separated from the 60% layout to make them easier to identify, faster to use, and not mispress.

The additional F-row key above the backspace is separated from everything else to make it easy to find and quick to press. We placed the mode key there for changing keyboard profiles.

Anything larger than a 60% layout gets in the way of your mouse and increases the chance you frequently need to reposition your keyboard for typing. By removing the last key column of a TKL and shifting the arrow keys to the left you save 1.9cm. It can make the difference between repositioning or not.

The entire layout uses standard keycaps that you can find in every set on the market or that’ll suddenly arrive after 3 years.

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