May 10, 2024

First DVT Sample & the LED bar

Progression update:

We’ve received the first DVT samples and got to experience the opening of the box, the packaging and the keyboard as one whole piece. We’re happy with the packaging but there still are details we want to improve before going through to the next phase.


We’ve done some new things with the packaging:

  • The style is updated;
  • The outside box is made from 100% recycled cardboard;
  • The plastic bag around the box is replaced by a biodegradable plastic bag;
  • The plastic bags/zipper bags containing smaller parts are also replaced by biodegradable plastic bags.
  • Some of the parts may not be used immediately, so we’re looking into biodegradable zipper bags so you can easily store those for later use.

The LED bar

The purpose of the bar is all about communicating with you. It’s not about having a flashy light bar to make the keyboard look cool.

Wooting keyboards have quite a lot of settings and since we’re continuously adding features, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to give an indication of active settings or features.

The Wooting 60HE(+) uses the RGB effects on keys to indicate things. For example:

  • Function layers have their own RGB colors, to indicate which layer is active.
  • Different profiles have different RGB colors, to indicate which profile is active.
  • The ‘touch effect’ feature can indicate how far down a key is pressed.

The problem with this, is that when you turn off RGB, there is no way for the keyboard to communicate with you. 

That’s where the LED bar comes in.

The LED bar will be able to indicate the same things as stated above, but also makes it possible to improve and add new features.

Some of the features our Simon (our code God) is working on right now are:

  • Indicate if the keyboard is in boot-mode;
  • Showing progression when updating;
  • Show actuation point;
  • Show Rappy Snappy sensitivity;
  • Change actuation point without Wootility;
  • Change Rapid Trigger settings without Wootility;

We’re also working on indicators that are coming from the computer itself:

  • Volume level;
  • RAM usage;
  • Mute On/Off;

After finishing the LED bar with the basic functionalities stated above, we want to give users increasing control over what to indicate with the LED bar. But for now, we’re sticking to the basics.

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