December 22, 2021

DVT sample review


We received the Wooting 60HE DVT samples, reviewed them, and shot a video.

Design Validation Test (DVT)

In the DVT phase, a very small amount of products are assembled with the final tooling and packaging. It's also when all the FCC/CE license, environmental, and packaging tests are performed. These tests include among other tests: drop test, vibration test, saltwater durability, humidity durability, and electronic interference. These tests all happen at our partner manufacturer.

The DVT units on our side are used for approval on the final parts. We also take a more detailed look at how the keyboard was packaged, the mechanics, and electronics to make sure no mistakes were made.


The packaging with all the names on the box is close to perfect. I want to keep the experience a secret until you receive it, but you'll be able to find your selected name if your got either the Founder's or Signature Edition.

The 60HE is packed in neat and tight. We also added a pull me tab to easily get out the keyboard, but in the end, it's not working as intended. We decided to instead make an open space to lift the keyboard with a finger.

The packaging could use a few mechanical optimizations that were going through with the manufacturer. The goal is to make the folding mechanism easier for the operators at the assembly line and create a cleaner look. We're not sure if we're able to push it all through since it would require us to re-do all the packaging related tests.... which is fully booked at the moment.

The keyboard

The main difference between my EVT and this DVT sample is the etching on the bottom case surface. The entire case surface is slightly etched giving it a light sandblasted look that kills all possible fingerprints. We kept a high polish surface on the bottom (table-side) logo, the backside grill, and the inside clip for the strap attachment.

Everything else functions as expected and we didn't encounter any issues.

The module

This is was goes into the bottom traycase. It includes the PCBA, switch plate, switches, stabilizers, and screws to attach to the tray. We were able to make the screws white so it blends away with the switch plate, in addition, we also made the stabilizers white. It makes the entire module feel complete and compliments the RGB backlight.

I also received the yellow with black braided USB-C cable. It wasn't the final color yet, but it got close. We have already approved the final cable with the yellow we're looking for, but it couldn't make it for the DVT phase. This will move on to the next phase (PVT).

What's next?

I recently received the final keyboard travel ~~sleeve~~ hardcase and hand-made leather strap for the Founder's and Signature Edition. I'll be showcasing both these in the next update.

In the meanwhile, we're working towards Production Validation Test (PVT). This is the final phase before Mass Production (MP). It's a small-scale production to simulate Mass Production. We'll assemble about 100 units. This is the final phase to optimize the assembly and find out any other issues. This is a defining moment and what separates a prototype from a mass-producible product. The larger the quantity, the larger the exposure to issues (in manufacturing tolerances).


Co-founder and CEO
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