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Looking for a Team?

Wooting is a steadily growing team of passionate gamers that make impactful products. We closely listen to and work together with our community, suppliers, and particularly customers to cherish relationships and find room for innovation.

Working at Wooting means you are motivated to learn and willing to tackle challenges with both hands. There is no failure when you did your best, and at all times the team is here to support and guide you when needed. With a sense of responsibility, a pursuit of self-improvement, and an open mind to new things, you will surely fit in.

Open and transparent

We love to share everything, from difficult business decisions to what we have been doing last weekend. We want to shine a light on the status quo of the world.

Disrupt the industry

We want to disrupt the industry by creating impactful products. We just do things different with suppliers and partners. But most importantly, give control back in the hands of end consumers.

Community driven

We wouldn't be here today without our community. They believed in us when we crowdfunded our first product, the Wooting one. Provided us with feedback and critical improvements. But most of all, they kept us sharp on what matters.

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How do we operate?

Our tight-knit team doesn't operate like most companies: we value the perspectives and opinions that individuals at all levels can offer our business.

With that, we expect that each and every person strives to make meaningful contributions, not just in their specific role, but across the business.

While most of the team is located in the Netherlands, we all work remotely out of a virtual office and all communicate in English. Therefore, we're open to applications from around the world.

Want to apply?
Check out the open job listings below. Don't see a job listing in your zone of expertise? Let us know how your skills can enhance our business by answering the open call.
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