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October 13, 2022

More detailed order information

We took action and overhauled our order tracking system to be coherent, contextual, and accurate.

In the previous update I touched upon our failures in creating accurate expectations, scattered information, and puzzling with the information provided. We took a hard look at our order tracking system and your feedback, and decided to take action.

The overhaul resulted in the following (major) improvements:

  • You now get to see an estimated delivery date.
  • Your shipping method (last mile shipping) and weekends are taken into account.
  • When you have air freight, it now follows our internal logistics plan, and it's automatically included in your estimate delivery date calculation.
  • Your order tracking closely monitors our Purchase order status and internal estimates. The closer we get to delivery, the more accurate the date displayed.
  • You can find all batch related updates on the all new batch update page by clicking on the batch name.
  • The order tracking information at different spots (pre-order page, product status, wooting hub) now all uses the same information, but shows the most details in the Wooting Hub.

There are now batch specific updates on a dedicated page, you can easily filter for your batch:

It's also accessible by simply clicking on the batch name on the order tracking card or the product batch status overview page. This is a page where you can find all the batches for each product with a status and an estimate delivery or stock level indication.

I'm excited with the new system as it pushes us forward in creating more transparency and open communication.

The schedule

We're still on track. 17th of October the first production batch finishes. The remainder finishes on the 28th of October.

I have made one significant change to the plan. The amount that will finish on the 17th of October are the complete batches NA-Haze and EU-Boter. Previously I was planning to air freight all these units, prioritize orders with Air freight, and whatever was left to allocate them to the followup batches with Air freight. However, after reviewing all the batch details and internal discussion, I've decided it's best we follow the "order of the batches" to avoid complications and still allow people that didn't opt for air freight in these two batches to still benefit from an earlier production date.

Meaning that NA-Haze and EU-Boter units will be split between Air and Sea cross ocean freight, there'll be no overflow to the next batch.

In short...

I said we could do this better, we took action, and now it's for you to let us know if it's better (in the comments below).

and I'll work on my safety buffers

Co-founder and CEO
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