Lekker keycaps
March 25, 2020

Now in pre-order- Lekker Keycaps, Snackbar, and Snackbag

We received a lot of positive feedback on the Lekker keycaps and got the occasional question if they were available apart from the Wooting two Lekker Edition.The answer is now is: yes and more.

Update 27 March, 2020: We created Lekker as a theme and translated this into the Wooting two Lekker Edition. This counts for the cable, body, keycaps, packaging and more.We didn’t consider the Lekker keycaps as an exclusive part of the Wooting two Lekker Edition. Rather a component of the Lekker theme that’s used in the exclusive Lekker Edition keyboard, portraying its theme to the fullest extent. That’s why we had originally planned to sell the Keycaps separate from the keyboard and in the future perhaps expand the theme to other products.However, it’s been made clear to us that not all backers share the same sentiment and viewpoint. You made it clear that the keycaps are a large part of the exclusivity and reason to get the Wooting two Lekker Edition.We hear you. So we decided to stop selling the Lekker keycaps set separately and will keep them exclusive to the Wooting two Lekker Edition.< 3, Team Wooting

We originally planned to make the Lekker keycaps available after shipping out the Lekker Edition keyboards. However, circumstances have changed.The community, you, saw the Lekker novelty spacebar keycap and dubbed it the Snackbar. This started a conversation around making it available for sale. We took a look at our manufacturing process and realized that it’s possible to offer the Snackbar and our novelty modifier keys dubbed the Snackbag as a stand-alone products.However, we want to make sure that we can fulfill all demand and not start stocking up too much novelty keycaps. So we decided it’s better to launch all the Lekker related keycaps in advanced as pre-orders.This will be a lot more efficient. It’ll make logistics easier, speed up the delivery and ensure there’s enough availability. We can place a larger order at our supplier and suck up the longer lead times caused by COVID-19 in one time.That’s why we’ve launched 3 new products today:

Details, details, details

If you want to combine the Snackbar and Snackbag, you can do it with a small discount on the Snackbag product page. All the prices, already include shipping from Taiwan.The Lekker Keycaps are available with an optional language kit which includes 45x keycaps to support the following languages: DE/UK/NR/SP. The base set already includes keycaps to support both an US English ANSI and ISO layout. We decided to make the language kit available below our manufacturing cost, to help support our European brothers.That said, we’re not able to ship the Lekker keycaps using discounted post, unlike the Snackbar/Snackbag. Therefore standard parcel rates will apply.The delivery time is synchronized with the Wooting two Lekker Edition keyboards. It might be the case that the Snackbar/Snackbags and Lekker keycaps will arrive slightly earlier.For more answers, please visit the FAQ on the product page.

Wooting Two Lekker Edition Orders

We want to give our Lekker Edition backers a major thanks for the patience, trust, and support. It’s a long journey that we’re extremely thankful we’re able to take. It's not only to deliver an awesome keyboard but also to push Wooting a step further.That’s why we’re adding the Snackbar - Dye-sub PBT spacebar to all Lekker Edition orders for free. This doesn’t require any action from your side, we will add it inside the packaging.Other than to continue to do our best to complete the project and deliver the Wooting two Lekker Edition, I feel this is the least we can do to show our gratitude.

When is the next Lekker Edition update?

I felt this was appropriate considering the content of this update.At the moment, I’m spectating how events are developing, pushing forward whatever we can push and preparing for production. I want to have a clearer picture and certain decisions behind us before I write up the next update. Else, you can expect a new elaborate update mid-April.Right now, China is thankfully slowly opening up and able to run at limited capacity. Lead times are a lot longer than usual and we require to plan further in advance with our suppliers. Right now we’re laser-focused on rounding up the switch tooling, the last variable holding back mass production.

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