Wooting two HE
July 7, 2021

Update #4 | A little push back.

If you have been following us you know last week (6th of July) was the planned mass production of the Wooting two HE batch 1. To our surprise the planned production has been pushed back to the end of July.

What happened?
Before the D.V.T. (Design validation test) we made a minor adjustment to the top-plate to ensure a nice and tight fit with the bottom case. When we received the samples we checked them. Everything was perfect and we gave a green light for production.What we didn’t take into account was the lead time of these new and improved top-plates, 30-35 days. Luckily the purchase order for the top-plates was placed right after the D.V.T. was approved.

The mass production of Batch 1 will take place on the 29th of July.

This issue won’t influence batch 2 and its release schedule. Curious what batch you are in? We made an online batch checker.

Jeroen will elaborate more on the pushed back mass production in the latest update video.

Co-founder and CEO
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