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June 9, 2022

Wooting 60HE - What you can do now

Wooting 60HE were all picked up from the factory and on their way to the respective warehouses

If you had upgraded to air freight, then I expect your order to ship before the 20th of June. Otherwise I expect your order to ship close to the 15th of July.

If you want to keep close track of the above, then keep an eye on our Discord #stock_updates channel. I post mini-updates when it comes to the logistics of things.

Double check your shipping address

You need to double check your order information and shipping address on the Wooting Hub. You want to be ahead of any possible issues with that final shipment, a wrong shipment address will delay unnecessarily delay your order.

Also make sure that your shipping address or name does not contain any special characters (Japanese, Chinese). The new fulfilment center is not able to properly format these and it would save some communication.

You can easily edit the shipping address yourself through the Wooting Hub. If you don't have a Wooting Hub account yet, make sure to use the same email as your order. Otherwise, you can also add orders registered on another email address using the "Transfer Order" in "My Orders" option..

If there's any specific issue that you're not able to achieve with the address edit, you can always reach out to customer service

Upgrade your order

You can now upgrade your order with additional items such as:

  • Wrist rest
  • Keycaps
  • 60% travel case
  • Lekker switch springs - Linear50

Simply hop into your order in the Wooting Hub, you'll see a notification message for the upgrade, and you can start adding products (learn more). If you're not able to make the upgrade or changes you like, you can reach out to customer service

60% travel caseI

The 60% travel case is a small hardcase to carry any 60% keyboard. It protects it against scratches, bumps, and minor drops. It is the same case that comes with the Wooting 60HE Founder's Edition.

Originally the Founder's Edition travel case was meant to be a relatively simple sleeve. However, we weren't too happy with the result (see previous update) and decided to go with a hard case design instead. The result, cost, and requirements for production tilted towards deciding to make this also a stand-alone product.

Lekker switch springs - Linear50

The Lekker switch uses larger than regular diameter and non-magnetic metal springs. Impossible to find at third-party vendors, while there are lots of other types of (cherrymx) springs as replacements.

Naturally, the Wooting Discord community came with the request for spring alternatives of both lighter and heavier versions. We answered the lighter version request.

The Linear50 variant starts at 30gf and ends at 50gf, indicated with a yellow line. This is overall 10gf lighter from the stock Lekker switch (Linear60), indicated with a mint-green (wiffany) line

You can now purchase a pack of 120x springs only from the store or through the Wooting hub. The addition will not delay your Wooting 60HE shipment. I expect to have them in stock by next week, so stand-alone orders can't immediately ship.

Lube and Tools

You can't swap springs without the right tools, and why not lubricate the switch while you're at it? Was our thinking. That's why we also made a Tool kit (from our B-brand ://blank) and a Lubrication kit from Wooting.

The Tool kit includes:

  • 1x Switch puller
  • 1x Switch opener
  • 2x Small soft brush
  • 1x IC picker

The Lubrication kit includes:

  • Molykote EM-50L
  • Krytox 205g0

The Molykote is also what we use as the stabilizer wire lubrication at the factory. Krytox 205g0 is the enthusiast's most popular pick for lubricating switches.

These are 2 stand-alone products and can be used for any keyboard. But...

These products couldn't make the deadline and won't be ready for sale/ship until around the 10th of July. This means that air freight upgraded orders can't bundle with their order before shipment. Regular orders will have the opportunity.

When it's available, you'll hear from me.


We still have a bunch of things to prepare before you receive your Wooting 60HE with the hopes to give you the best experience, but regardless, I'm convinced you're going enjoy it! It's going to be awesome 👏 👏 👏 👏

Co-founder and CEO
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