60HE update
September 2, 2022

First ARM production done

-> Go to Wooting hub.
-> Go to Discord #stock_update
-> Go to Product status page

We completed Wooting 60HE ARM Model production of batch EU-Pi and NA-Rho. What makes it special is that it's the first ARM model production and by completing this, means we can unleash the gates of production and put all our effort into getting running stock.


Batch: EU-Pi
Air freight will arrive at the warehouse for shipment to you around the 13th of September.
Sea freight will arrive at the warehouse for shipment to you around the 27th of September up to 4th of October.

We learned from the previous shipment, that people can get impatient or change their mind. That's why we decided to add a buffer amount of units to the air freight, so that you can still upgrade your order in the Wooting hub to air freight and receive your keyboard earlier.

But ho-ho, there is a limited amount of additional units we added to air freight. Once we run out, you can't upgrade anymore in the

Batch: NA-Rho
Freight will arrive at the warehouse for shipment around the 23-24th of September. As you might notice there is no split between the air and sea freight, there is a specific reason for this that only applies to NA-Rho. To avoid confusion, I'm not covering it here.

You can instead read it on the Discord stock_update channel or if it concerns you, you've already received an email with the details.

All other batches
Batch: EU-Bliksem, NA-Thunder, EU-Boter, NA-Haze, EU-Reus, NA-Behemoth, EU-Bin, NA-Curtain.

We're aiming to manufacture all the batches at once. We have set a manufacturing completion date for the 28th of September.

It's an ambitious date that we can or can't make, but we'll not be far off from it. If it takes longer than we wish, we are going to trickle ship completed batches every 2 weeks.

While anticipating the shipment

You can double check you shipping address in the Wooting hub and still add upgrades through the Wooting hub:

  • Wrist rest
  • Lube and/or Tool kit
  • Air freight
  • Keycaps

Not everything is in stock (sorry) but we're doing our best to have it all in stock by the end of September, before the large list of batch ship. EU-Pi and NA-Rho, I tried!

When stock ?

We still have that one goal of us to have the Wooting 60HE on stock and sell it on stock. It's becoming increasingly challenging with the amount of popularity and attention we're getting for the 60HE, which is awesome but also challenging out of nowhere increase planned productions significantly. No worries though, we are up to the task, and have great manufacturing partners to achieve it.

Don't wait for stock

Not in video: I forgot to mention here, that if you're interested in the Wooting 60HE and are waiting for stock. You can better place an order now instead of waiting for it to be in-stock. Especially if you plan to gift it or want it as a Christmas present.

The running (massive list of above) batches that are available now is the last amount we're able to produce and deliver on-time before Christmas. The next large round probably won't arrive until February 2023.

The same applies for the Wooting two HE.

I expect everything to be sold out somewhere start of October(!).

Software update

We continuously work on the Wootility and keyboard firmware because we want it to be the best we can get it. We actively look at your feedback on Discord and take everything in consideration. There are, for example, big improvements coming to the advance keys that all are inspired by Discord.

In the coming update we're improving Rapid trigger.

  • Advanced settings for Rapid trigger! It's right below the set per key rapid trigger button.
  • We moved continuous Rapid trigger to advanced settings to avoid option stress.
  • We added separate upstroke/downstroke sensitivity option in the advanced settings.
  • You can customize the sensitivity for the upstroke (deactivate) and downstroke (activate) separately.

Don't concern yourself too much with the advanced settings if you're not sure how Rapid trigger works. Advanced settings only benefit people that like tweaking it to the finest and know exactly what's going on.

One more thing

We're going to release the Wooting double-shot PBT keycaps in both "Just Black" and "Just White" stand-alone sets in the languages:

  • ISO Nordic
  • ISO German
  • ISO UK English
  • ANSI US English

We're still working on the white keycaps. There is a tad of light bleed surrounding the legends in dark environments. Though this is a common issue with white keycaps, we can do better.

The keycaps are 2 months out from being in-stock. I'll share more when there's more.


Co-founder and CEO
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