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March 25, 2022

Wooting two HE | Refreshed page and inc. production

The Wooting two HE project might have closed but the product is still relevant. This is why we will continue Wooting two HE updates through its lifetime and updated the entire product page in our new style.

Now you can find a bunch more information on this product page. For example, status, here you can quickly see the stock and batch status for Wooting two HE or the update page, where you can find all new and relevant updates.

Speaking of stock and batch status, you can also find your order status in the Wooting Hub and take greater control over it.

On the main navigation menu there's a button for the Wooting Hub, when you go there, you can register an account if you haven't yet. Make sure to use the same email as your previous orders. Then it'll pickup on all your orders.

Production date

If you have a pre-order running, then your Wooting two HE is going into production on the 7th of April. This was originally the 22nd of March, but due to the COVID lockdown in Dongguan/Shenzhen last week this was pushed back.

24 March 2022, Update: Mass production date was successfully moved forward to the 1st of April.

When does it ship?

We are using a combination of air and sea freight to make sure we can make deliveries as soon as possible and have it available from stock.

For the EU and International, we expect to start shipments within a month after the production date.

For the United States and Canada, we expect to start shipments in about a month after the production date.

You'll be able to find the expected shipping date on your Wooting Hub order information.

Minor price increase

We decided to only increase the EUR price by 5 euros. The USD prices will remain the same. The price increase will not affect existing orders. Starting the 4th of April the price will increase on the store.

The exchange rate

If you look at our pricing model for the 60HE, you will find out that our EUR prices are already higher than the USD prices. This was already in response to the volatile EUR exchange rate and our increasing reliance on the USD; all our purchasing and a lot of online services are paid in USD.

Historically, we preferred to keep it simple and kept the prices equal in number and just took the difference for what it was. Besides, we have a natural hedge of selling in the USA, receiving USD without needing to exchange it to any other currency.

Now that we're growing, the exposure to USD is getting exponential, and not sustainable in the long run. We need to purchase USD with EUR at an exponential rate.

EUR prices lower than USD

When you factor in VAT, you'll find out that our EUR prices are and have always been lower than our USD prices.

€185 = €152.89 excluding VAT (21%) = $166.40 (1.088 rate per 24 March, 2022)
$185 = $185 excluding sales taxes/vat = $185

Historically, we've seen EUR to USD rates of around 1.16 for example, which would make €152.89, $177.35. Still lower.

For the Americans, Value Added Tax (VAT) is a government sales tax that we include in the total price, collect from the customer, and then pay to the government.

Rising costs

Over the year had to face a significant increase in logistics cost that hasn't gotten any better nor has the outlook that it will.

It also doesn't help that all the IC parts have increased in price due to the wild demand and long lead times. At times we need to buy at spot prices (market prices, instead of the otherwise fairly fixed OEM prices), just so we can get our hands on more parts.

In the meanwhile, it is not any cheaper for us to sell a keyboard in the EU versus the USA. When the EUR to USD rate decides to plummet it presses hard onto our EU gross margins.

And this is exactly what happened over the last month after a long trend of EUR devaluation. This is why we decided to start separating the EUR prices from the USD prices with the Wooting two HE as well.

I hope this is all clear and you can understand our decision.

Water resistant coating added

When we have the opportunity to make the Wooting two HE a better product, we will do it. This is why we decided to add a water resistant coating to the PCBA.

This doesn't mean it's waterproof, but it can now easily take a drink spill and endure harsher conditions. Your entire keyboard will be even more durable. Even when you neglect to clean it and it has mold growing on it (yes, we've had those before), it will still operate and last.

That's it for this update!


Co-founder and CEO
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