Calder farming Wooting two HEs.
June 16, 2021

At the doors of production | Wooting two HE | Update #3

A long awaited update. I was struggling to find the time and clarity that I needed to make this update. While reviewing the DVT (final) sample, I decided to create a video update. The following topics are covered and also time stamped in the update video:

  1. Wooting two HE - Batch 1 production
  2. Wooting two HE - Batch 2 production
  3. Express shipping option
  4. Review DVT (final) sample and taking a closer look
  5. How to upgrade to PBT keycaps

See video timeline to skip to different sections

TL;Didn’t watch

18 June, 2021 update: Upgrades and keycaps are now available. Text was edited to reflect this.

Wooting two HE batch 1 and batch 2 will be produced at different times. Batch 1 will go into mass production on the 6th of July. The lead time to delivery includes two logistical phases.

  1. Factory to warehouse
  2. We will divide the batch into 2 shipments, 1 by Air, 1 by Sea. Air can take up to 2 weeks; Sea can take up to 6 weeks. The Airfreight shipment will be a buy-in option if you want an express delivery and shave off a lot of time. This is expected to cost an additional 10 EUR/USD 12 EUR/USD. Check our Wooting two HE | Update #3 email how to upgrade.
  3. Warehouse to the front door (last mile)
  4. The last mile shipments in the USA can take up to 1 week depending on the state. Within the European Union (EU), it will take anywhere between 2-5 business days. International (outside EU/US) this can take anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks. We will offer a DHL Express option to International orders from selected countries. If this option is available, we will contact you.

Batch 2 will have the same express logistic options, however, there’s a different factor glooming over the delivery date. Originally, we could have mass produced batch 2 at the same time as batch 1. That drastically changed when the start of May the Hall Effect sensor supplier reported that their production resulted in a lower sensitivity sensor. Lower than our specification. We already had the Batch 1 sensors in stock since January, this Hall Sensor production was specifically for Batch 2.

The Hall Effect sensor measures the proximity of the magnet residing inside the switch stem. It’s the key component to create analog input magic. When the sensitivity is lower, it means we won’t be able to get an actuation point of 0.1mm and it’ll be closer to 0.3mm. Regardless of the result, we simply do not want to sacrifice these specifications in favor of an earlier production date. We deliver on what we promise.

Integrated Circuit (IC) components suffer major lead times at this time. When discussing the next possible delivery date for a new production, it was estimated at October/November 2021. Unacceptable of course. The supplier tested a different route by reworking the lower sensitive sensors. This process involves recalibrating the sensors in one of its production processes. This is usually avoided because it can come with a high defect rate. It’s otherwise impossible to change when the sensors are already packaged in their housing. In this case, it was all still on the wafers 🙏..

The supplier reworked a few wafers and measured the defect rate. It is estimated at 10-15%, which is surprisingly good. This route would bring down the delivery date to the start of August. Not in time for our schedule, but considering current IC market conditions, far better than the alternatives. I expect Batch 2 to go into production by the start of September (this includes safety padding). We have weekly update reports from the supplier and are on top of this.

We now have ://blank double-shot PBT keycaps on our stores and available for purchase as an upgrade for the Wooting two HE. ://blank is a new brand we created to offer more alternative or complementary products that don’t fit the Wooting mission/brand. If you would like to add these keycaps to your existing Wooting two HE order, check the Wooting two HE | Update #3 email we sent you or contact if you didn't see the email.

Thank you for the support and patience, and as always, you’re welcome to ask questions and reach out.


Calder Limmen


Co-founder and CEO
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