The all-in-one macro application for normal people that's free, open-source, and not bloatware.

❤ Made by Wooting for you.


Why we made it

Gaming devices often come with macro software that is embedded in their bloatware, sucking you into their ecosystem. And while they're at it sprinkle it with borderline spyware and unnecessary drivers that can cause issues with other devices.

Alternative macro software is either paid, outdated, not optimized for performance, or complicated to understand.

We made Wootomation as a go-to macro application for normal people. It's low on pc resources, adds near zero delay (0.002ms/2μs), and device/brand independent. Enjoy.

Just give it a spin

Wootomation is free to download, easy to install, quick to run, and fast to uninstall. You'll create your first macro within a minute and understand all its features within another minute. It has everything you wish from a macro application and otherwise let us know what you're missing.


Open source

Wootomation is open-source and actively managed by Wooting. You can provide feedback, contribute, or review the code. That's how we can ensure its integrity and give capable people the opportunity to make it even better.

Visit the github

Them features

Low resource
You'll never notice it's running in the background adding near-zero delay(0.002ms/2μs).

Easy to use
Nothing new to learn, no-code, and modern human interfaces. Yet, super powerful.

Dedicated app
No unnecessary drivers, bloatware ecosystems, plugins, or complicated rubbish. Macros, just pure macros.

Macro collections
Enable/disable individual macros or a collection of macros you made. Easy control, recognize, and use with emojis, preview cards, and phat buttons.

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