60HE update
May 5, 2022

We're back on track to production

Mass production is estimated to finish on the 27th of May. This means the entire quantity will have finished production and we can start air/sea freight shipment from the Factory to Warehouse.

This isn't the timeline we dreamed of, nor, what either of us had anticipated when we were at the cusps of mass production. And I am very sorry for the agitation that it might cause. I can't make the process or timeline go any faster without taking major risks and possibly screwing up the entire mass production.

The steps we are going through with the volt regulator from a sample, trial production, and then mass production are all precautionary. I have experienced throwing away all the PCBA due to an issue with the first Wooting one production, something I'd rather not experience again.

That all said, let's break down what happen(ed)/s before the mass production date.

The breakdown

In the last update I shared that we had to find an alternative volt regulator due to a shortage of the original one. The alternative volt regulator needed to be tested before we could use it in any production. That's why we made a sample, and the result was A-OK. It performed nearly the same as the original volt regulator.

Now it needs to prove its ground in a larger sample count, hence another PVT (trial production) run. This will amplify minor issues that might be present and not (easily) detected with a small sample count. If everything runs smoothly, PVT will finish on the 13th of May, and we continue with mass production.

This is assembling the IC parts on the PCB, sending it for the water-resistance coating, assembling the module, assembling the case, and then packaging. Ready for shipment. This will all finish on the 27th of May.

What does it mean for you

When it's ready for shipment, we will send the batches with Air and Sea freight to our warehouses in the Netherlands and the United States. If you opted for Airfreight, then it'll arrive at the warehouse first and start front-door shipment. If you haven't opted for Airfreight, then it'll go by sea freight which will take at least 6 weeks before we start shipments to your front door.

If you want to upgrade to Airfreight, you can still do it until the 14th of May. Then we're locking it down.

You can upgrade to Airfreight by going into your order in the Wooting Hub. If you don't have the option, you can reach out to customer support: social@wooting.io.

ARM change deadline

We're also closing down the option to change your Wooting 60HE to the ARM version (that delivers further down the year) on the 14th of May. You can read more about this in the previous we have a proposal update.

Per-key Rapid trigger

A lot of you got the Wooting 60HE for Rapid Trigger, a groundbreaking feature that's already available on the Wooting two HE. We now added the option to enable/disable Rapid Trigger per key in the upcoming release (now in Alpha).

This can be very useful if Rapid Trigger is causing issues for you on certain keys that are not as important, especially when you play with high sensitivity. For example, in Apex Legends I disabled Rapid Trigger on my crouch key (that is hold to crouch) because I would at times lose momentum when accidentally releasing the key past the sensitivity threshold.

This was the update - If you have any questions you're welcome to contact us or leave a comment below and I'll respond.


Co-founder and CEO
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