60HE update
January 10, 2023

More productions & Take control keycaps

Happy new year! 🎉🥳

Nearing the end of 2022, we made a lot of order deliveries ahead of schedule. I hope you were one of the lucky ones or else, you'll soon be receiving it. Mark and Anders are on top of all the inquiries after we had our week holiday break.

At the time we also started to receive product reviews from previous deliveries, and wow! It's overwhelmingly positive and the team is thrilled.

If you want to know your order status, it's best to look on the hub.wooting.io.

EU-Sokken / NA-Socks & More productions
Production completes this week according to schedule. This is also the first production of the year and the last we can ship to our warehouse before....

Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)
Everything closes down for multiple weeks. Few factories closed earlier this year due to lower demand, COVID, or a combination of these. This is the time factories will clean up everything and maintenance all their machines. Of course, everybody also has a holiday with their family and friends. This is the year of the Rabbit 🐰.

Afterwards we're going full force back into production with the goal to

Deliver out of stock in April 2023
The productions are bottle necked by time and IC parts. Every month we're basically completing productions and you can see there's quite a list of batches in the batch info page. And it's not complete.

Then the next time you recommend the Wooting 60HE (thank you!), you can point out it's deliverable right out of stock.

Take control keycap
Are progressing fast. We have a final sample with improved (accurate) colors and removed the "Take Control" text from the spacebar as requested by the community.

We're finalizing packaging and then will go into production. This will be an US-ANSI layout to cover all Alpha + modifier keys (i.e. 60% keyboard area). It's close to Cherry profile keycaps (minus the sharp edges).

More when it's ready, including the discount Campaign founders receive.


Co-founder and CEO
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