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Fill in your order number and find out your order status.

The estimated delivery date is when you can expect to receive your order. It shows the est. delivery date of the latest batch delivery date in your order.

In the tab above you can find all product status, batches, and directly jump to the store page or register your interest. If you use a VPN, double check the region selection.

Looking for mini-updates on your batch? Check our batch update page.

Disclaimer: the delivery date is an estimation. Based on your preferred last mile shipper and if you opted in for airfreight.

Find all batches below

Overview all product status, batch, and directly jump to the store page or register your interest. If you use a VPN, double check the region selection.


Every card is a single product with a tab per product variation. Each variation tab has its own stock indicator, description, status, and button.


Below the description you can find the latest batch no. status in the warehouse and the upcoming batch status heading towards the warehouse.


Jump to the bottom of this page for the FAQ and an overview of the different status. Jump to FAQ.

Disclaimer: No rights can be claimed based on the information shown on the page. The stock, status, and estimated are subject to change and can be inaccurate with the latest developments.


What are batches?
The batches represent purchase orders we place with our manufacturer. Once a purchase order is placed, it allows the pre-/backorders to take place, and limits the quantity. It’s possible for a batch to sell out before it’s in stock.

Where can I find the/my batch number?
When a product is in pre-/backorder the Batch number is shown on the product page in the highlighted yellow box. When you place the order, it’ll lock you into the batch.

After you placed an order, you can fill your order number in the status tool at the top of this page. It will show you the batch with the latest delivery date.

If you want to see the batch for each product in your order, you can login to the Orderhub and select your order.

What is the estimated date?
The estimated delivery date is when we expect to receive your order contents at our warehouse. The delivery date is an estimation. Maintenance or developments might change the batch estimated date.

What is the difference between pre-order and backorder?
When the button says pre-order, it’s the first production batch of the product and yet to be delivered. When it says backorder, the product has continuous stock and is awaiting the arrival of more stock.

Status tags explained

Pre production

The batch is awaiting mass production before it goes in transit to our warehouse.

In transit to

The batch is in transit to our warehouse.

Partially delivered

Part of the batch was delivered and available for shipment.


The batch is in stock and ready for shipment.

Sold out

The batch is sold out.

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