Calder Limmen
August 5, 2022

NEW batches and let's celebrate!

We successfully completed the Wooting 60HE project and shipped out all the Wooting 60HE AVR models.

It all started in October 2021, when 1298 founders funded the Wooting 60HE project. It was quite a journey with special thanks to you for your support.

And it didn't end there. The Wooting 60HE was received with acclaim by you, reviewers, and family 😅. We're all super thrilled that we did not disappoint and delivered on our promises. It's also very exciting to see skillful players leverage the Wooting 60HE to levels that are unmatched by any other keyboard on the market.

Thank you!

The acclaim has also resulted in an incredible growth of new people joining this, well, what is now an extended journey. Welcome.


You might be asking yourself, why is this in pre-order? The long-tail reason is in the update "We have a proposal for you". The short version is that we were hit by the IC shortage and we were not able to purchase any more AVR MCUs. So we decided to switch to the ARM MCUs.

Big problem was that we did not only have to change the hardware, but we also had to port over all our software development from the old to the new software architecture. Which costs a great deal of time and effort. Great news, we completed the software development for the ARM MCU and we are currently in the production phase! Mass production will complete on the 19th of August.

Then it'll transport from the factory to our warehouses in the USA and the Netherlands by Air or Sea freight for shipments to your front door.

  • If you opted for Air freight, then I expect to start shipments around the 10th of September.
  • If you didn't opt for Air freight, it's sea freight and I expect shipments by end of September or the start of October.

You can still upgrade to Air freight in the Wooting Hub. I strongly recommend it for orders starting with EU. Sea freight has proven to delay frequently by at least 15 to 20 days.

But beware, the estimates are only applicable if you are in batch: NA-RHO or EU-PI

There are (a lot) more batches going into production that you can find under the batch info menu tab. You can see in which batch you are in the Wooting hub order overview. We aim to produce all these batches at once around mid-September with the following estimates:

  • Air freight: Late September / Start of October
  • Sea freight: Late October

When we are closer to the production date, I'll share more details.

Quick info for newcomers

If you're new to Wooting and how we operate, a few things.

Wooting Hub
The Wooting hub is your control center where you can see your order status, link Discord for the role, change your address, and increasingly more things

Product status
The Product status page is a quick page you can visit without an account to see an overview of our stock and production status, you can also quickly check your order status without an account.

The Hub and Status page are still in active development, so there might be some quirks that we're ironing out.

Customer support
Lastly, we love to communicate with you about all topics, but we are experiencing peak levels of customer support. We want to make sure we can address all critical tickets as fast as possible but also need your help with this.

Therefore, for anything not order related, please first check with our Discord community, often a volunteer or other community member already has an answer for you or help out.


Co-founder and CEO
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