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May 5, 2022

Wooting two HE | Wrong labels caused a hiccup

We completed the Wooting two HE mass production as planned (1st of April) but I found an issue during quality control. The wrong barcode label was sticked onto the US-ANSI models. This is after they already finished and packed everything.

The barcode label was still from the discontinued US ANSI variation that has no keycaps installed. All US ANSI models now have Wooting PBT keycaps pre-installed. If this doesn't get amended or simply sticked over the box shrink wrap, it'll cause a lot of confusion at the warehouse, customer service, and returns.

This means we had to relabel these keyboards, not a quick task. It's labor intensive and requires operators to:

  1. Take out from master shipping carton
  2. Remove plastic shrink wrap around the box
  3. Apply new label over the old label
  4. Apply the new shrink wrap around the box
  5. Put back into the master shipping carton

In addition, the labels aren't printed at the factory itself and are outsourced. Unfortunately, the planning around performing the relabel (labor shortage) and waiting for the third party printing took much longer than I anticipated.

By the time everything completed, we already finished another (but much smaller) Wooting two HE production and I decided combine these shipments into one. This cost another week, but saved a lot of duplicate work and time.

What to expect

At the time of writing, the the freight from Factory to Warehouse is well on its way. We will receive the EU-Kappa batch today (5th of May) and will complete shipments between the 9th and 13th of May.

NA-Lambda shipments heading to the United States are not as speedy. I expect to start shipments at the start of June.

As shared in the previous update, I opted for sea freight instead of combining it with air freight. There's two reasons for this decision:

  1. Air freight only saved 10 days for more than twice the cost.
  2. We didn't charge for air freight shipping.

In contrast to the EU-Kappa batch heading to the Netherlands:

  1. It saved 40-50 days that sea freight would otherwise push back. Worth the cost.
  2. We slightly increased the EUR price for new orders to recoup additional logistics cost over time.

You're welcome to ask questions and leave a comment below, I'm happy to answer.


Co-founder and CEO
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