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Delivery Q2 2022

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    Full motion analog input

    Master of input speed

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    Thank you for taking an interest in Wooting. A few years ago, we brought innovation back to keyboards with the Wooting one, the first analog keyboard. Shortly after we introduced a full-size model, the Wooting two.

    We were not satisfied with the limitation of using optical switches and developed our own hot-swappable magnetic switches. The Lekker switch. The performance of the Lekker switch was so good, we made a bold move, and decided to completely discontinue our previous optical switches. Going all-in with our Lekker switches starting the Wooting two LE/HE.

    This decision together with the global shortage of IC components put a hard strain on the availability of our keyboards. And before we knew it, our stock was sold out. We are doing our best to get productions running and get to a state of next-day availability.

    At this time, I recommend pre-ordering the Wooting 60HE (60%) or Wooting two HE (full size)to be guaranteed an early delivery. The longer you wait, the further down the queue you get. In the meanwhile, join our Discord, follow our socials, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know.

    You’ll want to be in the know for the surprise we have coming soon…

    Calder CEO wooting

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      We are open, transparent & community driven.

      Join the community.

      Come and find us on discord, talk with us or other community members. We are always open to feedback or to play a game.

      Or follow us on twitch, instagram, twitter or facebook.

      Like to tinker around with code? Create unique RGB effects or want to make a whole new analog application? Get started on our github.

      We often write updates or general keyboard information in our blogs posts. If you like keyboards you will enjoy reading through the blog.

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