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Learn more about the Wooting two HE


Meet your new keyboard, the Wooting two Lekker Edition.

You’ll experience a high-end mechanical keyboard with unrivaled analog input features and optimized input latency. This is not your common gaming keyboard, this is the future of keyboards packed into a Lekker design.

Quick facts

  • Mechanical Keyboard
  • PBT dye-sublimated keycaps
  • Full-range analog input
  • 16MB onboard memory
  • Individual RGB backlight

You can become the proud owner of a Wooting keyboard and join our journey to make analog input keyboards the industry standard. With the Lekker Edition, you’ll be 1 of the 1000 that helped fund the Lekker switch and contribute to the future of analog input keyboard. The Wooting team is waiting for you.

Be the ambassador

Lekker switches

The Lekker switch, a full range analog input switch for mechanical keyboards. It uses a magnetism principle known as the Hall Effect to detect analog input.Thanks to this new breakthrough, Wooting’s features such as analog movement control, adjustable actuation point, rapid trigger  and dynamic keystroke (DKS) can reach their full potential. Learn more about the switches.

The Wooting two lekker edition comes installed with high quality 1.5mm thick PBT keycaps with a slight grainy surface and dye sublimated lettering. The dye-sublimated lettering will never fade away and retains a vibrant color throughout its entire lifetime.

The Lekker Edition is available in US ANSI, International EN ISO, DE ISO, UK ISO, NR ISO and ES ISO. The ISO languages come with a standard EN ISO layout installed and additional 31 keycaps to change it to UK English, German or Nordic layout.

Keycaps and languages

Package content:

  • Wooting two lekker edition
  • 104/105x lekker linear65.
  • Braided USB-A to USB-C cable
  • First aid kit

Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 - Mac OSX* - Linux*
  • 1 USB port
  • The internet – Optional for downloading the Wootility

*Mac OSX and Linux do not officially support Xinput and all the in-game analog input features shown.






Dimensions LxWxH


N-Key rollover




On-board memory

100% - Full-size - 104/105 keys

Per key programmable RGB

Detachable USB-A to USB-C

Lekker linear65

Dye-sub PBT

460 x 150mm x 39mm.




1000Hz (<1ms)


Yes - up to 4 profiles  


The Lekker edition

We want to give our Lekker Edition backers a major thanks for the patience, trust, and support. It’s a long journey that we’re extremely thankful we’re able to take. It’s not only to deliver an awesome keyboard but also to push Wooting a step further.

That’s why we’re adding the Snackbar – Dye-sub PBT spacebar to all Lekker Edition orders for free. This doesn’t require any action from your side, we will add it inside the packaging.

Now with free snackbar

snackbar front view 2

You can join the queue by filling in the form below, when a spot opens due to cancellation or other reason, we will reach out and offer you the option. That said, there’s all ready a long list and the chances are fairly slim. We recommend to instead
pre-order the Wooting two HE. This keyboard is similar in analog capabilities as the lekker edition. But it has a black (not limited colour scheme), and has a later delivery date.

The Wooting Two lekker edition - Sold out!

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  • Keyboard information
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  • Pre-order now
  • Keyboard information
  • F.A.Q.
  • Project updates
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