Who are we?

We’re a group of young guys from the Netherlands, that know each other from a long history of gaming. We got fed up with the gaming stereotype and terrible customer communication by major "gaming" companies and decided to start for ourselves.

Our story (so far)

An idea was conceived.
Calder, Jeroen and Erik came together to create the Wooting one.

2015 July

2016 February

The Wooting one prototype & announcement.
We created the first prototype and publicly announced our plans.

Successful Kickstarter - Raised €135,786.
Thanks to our amazing backers for bringing Wooting alive and the Wooting one into the world.

2016 June

2017 March

1st Mass production - Failed.
Making an high amount of analog keyboards is a lot more complicated than anticipated. We learned a tremendous amount after this failed production.

Wooting one delivery - Completed.
All of our backers and early supporters received their Wooting one and started to play Analog

2017 August

A factory visit.
Preparing for the Kickstarter launch, Calder visited the a couple of the factories.

2016 May

2016 November

Wooting one trial production.
A smaller production before going into the mass production, danger awakes.

2nd Mass production - Success.
We did it, after many trial and error, we successfully made the first Wooting one mass production.

2017 May

Present day

We haven’t stopped and continue to release monthly progress reports and share things behind the scenes. Via our blogposts and livestreams.

The Wooting team are all our supporters and product owners. They give us continuous feedback and share our beliefs. You can join the team on Discord or subscribe to our newsletter. We’re always open for criticism and feedback.

The Wooting team


We run Wooting with modern practices, open communication and transparency. At its core, it’s you with us challenging the industry and making impactful products. That’s why we crowdfunded our first product, the Wooting one, and keep the community at heart.

Currently, our mission is to make analog keyboards an industry standard. We strongly believe it's the next step and are doing our best to support further developments within the field.


The Designer


The Engineer


The Business guy

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