New features

  • The analog curve got a brand new look. You can now use dots on the curve itself to draw your favorite curve. We also added indicators on the axes, so you can actually know what you’re looking at.

  • One of the most heard request in recent survey was more instructions on how to use everything. When you launch the new Wootility you will see a window with Calder telling you how it’s done. The new analog curve also comes with a fresh video.

  • Moved the Xbox controller key bindings so that all the buttons on the left side are on the left and the right side on the right, right?

  • (Linux beta) It’s now possible to update and restore your keyboard in the Linux version.


Release notes version V2.1.0

Release notes version V2.2.0

New features

  • Update modal with the latest patch notes.


Release notes version V2.0.3

New features

  • Wootility will now minimize to tray. A second launch of the Wootility will no longer cause everything to crash and burn, but instead focus the one already open!

  • DKS has been moved to analog profiles. This will allow you to make a profile for your game and always switch back to a regular keyboard when you need it.

  • DKS has been added to the profile manager too! Share, share, share!

  • The actuation point has been moved to a separate card to make it clear that it will not influence your analog settings.

  • The extra clunky analog keybindings can be hidden, so the UI looks a lot cleaner.

New firmware v 1.10

  • Fixed a bug that didn’t instantly change a new DKS on the keyboard

  • Profile sharing should work again.

Hotfix version V2.0.4

New to the Wootility? Learn more…

How to setup Linux version

Windows 7/8/10








Release notes version 1.0.0

  • Improved firmware update experience

  • Added a more user-friendly restore mode

  • Added a enable/disable DKS bindings slider

  • Profile importing is more fool proof

  • Profiles from ANSI version are compatible with ISO version, and vice-versa

  • Right click to unbind keys.

  • This version still has auto-updates by default, in the next build we will make this smarter and give the user a choice.

  • Disabled function toggle for the time being in the Wootility.

  • Fixed version number on FW update screen.

Hotfix version 1.0.1

Hotfix version 1.0.2

  • Fixed the analog curve not saving correctly.

  • Added icon color change when an update is ready to be installed.

  • Fixed an issue on ISO keyboards, where a certain key wasn’t working properly.

Hotfix version 1.0.3

Hotfix version 1.0.7

  • Profile colors will now load directly to the keyboard again when you load them from the profile manager.

Release notes version 1.0.5

Firmware 1.9

  • We made the keyboard respond faster to your keypresses by increasing the USB polling rate to 1000 Hz and decreasing the time it takes to scan all the keys.

  • The keyboard will now turn off all the lights when your computer goes in sleep or turns off.

  • The xinput joysticks will now reach the full 100% when you press them all the way down. Thanks to @Nunurs Mega Power for pointing this out.

Wootility 1.0.5

  • The profiles codes can now be shared between ISO and ANSI keyboards without crashing your wootility.

  • Added function to add the custom colour presets. Right click on a preset and pick any colour you like to overwrite it.

  • Added function to “paint” RGB colours to keys by holding down the mouse button and dragging over the keyboard.

  • Added link in the general settings to the bug / feature report form.

New features

  • Direct input is here! Got some older games to play? Need all the analog keys for your simulation game? Swap your analog profile to Directinput.

  • You can choose between inputs per profile (Xinput or Direct input)

  • You can now change color the color of caps lock & FN lock when they’re activated, go make that perfect color profile.

  • Xinput can be disabled from the general settings, this will apply to all profiles and will require a keyboard restart. Don’t worry, your settings are safe.

Bug fixes

  • Automatically remove spaces in profile codes for smoother imports

  • Copy & pasting should work as intended on MacOSx. The mac version will also have the top menu now.

  • You’re room will no longer be lit when you accidently press the Mode key if you keyboard is in sleep mode.

  • The keys are disabled a tiny bit longer when you bind your keys now. You should be able to bind Escape and the Windows-key without crazy things happening.

New firmware v 1.10

  • Added Directinput support to the keyboard

  • Added the xinput disable to the firmware

Bug fixes

  • Media key bugs have been fixed and tuned.

  • Skipping to the next track should no longer skip tracks indefinitely if you release FN before releasing the next track -button

  • Tuned the operation of the media keys, they should now work correctly under Linux OS’s

  • Xinput-disable switch will now actually disable xinput instead of just hiding it.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed spacings in keyboard preview.

  • Stopped FN media keys to multi-skip.

New features

  • RGB Effects
    Your Wooting one is now officially fabulous. Choose one of the 10 RGB effects in the colours card and start the disco inferno.

  • Larger RGB color spectrum
    Get ready to widen your eyes from amazement and suck up the new and improved RGB colors. They now better match your Wootility color selection.

  • Colour patterns
    Suck in design and don't have a creative soul? Erik got you covered with 5 unique preset colour patterns at your choosing.

  • 你好我講中文
    Wootility is now available in English, Tradition and, Simplified Chinese. It will change its default language based on your OS language.


  • Media keys fixed
    In some cased the media keys would get stuck when used with the FN key. This issue should be fixed for once and for all.

  • ISO keyboards and RGB-fx
    Some RGB-fx weren't compatible with ISO. But they are now.
  • Linux detection
    There shouldn't be any Linux detection problems anymore.
  • Dev portal
    With the newest firmware, everything in the developer portal is accessible.

Dev portal launched

When we made the Wooting one we have always envisioned two things:

  • Make analog keyboards the industry standard.
  • Make a platform that people can customize.

The developer portal is our first steps in achieving these goals. It is designed to support the hobbyist who just want to make something cool and game developers who want to unlock full analog powers in their game.

With this developer portal we want to embrace a spirit of community and sharing. This means that all our development tools will be open source and open for contribution. As always, your feedback is what makes our stuff great.

Want to learn more or just check out the developer portal you can do that here.


Release notes version V2.3.3

Release notes V2.4.0

Hotfix version V2.3.4

  • The troubleshoot button does something now.

  • Added better troubleshooting support.
  • Added the ability to export and view error logs.
  • Added few new easter eggs.


Release notes version 1.0.6


Interested in what we’re up to behind the scenes? Check out our roadmap here. Make sure to leave your feedback on the board or in discord! Want to be a tester of the latest features ask any of the founders on discord for beta acces <3.

Upcoming features

Tachyon Mode

The Wooting keyboard is an optical keyboard, so it’s only fitting that your keyboard will be faster than light. If you enable Tachyon Mode in digital mode your keyboard will boost its response time to less than 1 millisecond. Not convinced by some marketing terms? You shouldn’t be. Check out Calder’s blog for some input speed science. Note that the actuation point and RGB effects are disabled while in Tachyon Mode to ensure maximum speed.


Windows Key Disable

Request of the year 2018, a quick FN + Left windows key will disable the key. No more pesky Windows interrupts.


Mac Auto update

We’re part of the Apple Developer Program (which basically means pay Apple money), so we now have a signed Mac version with auto update.


What to expect

Next up: the redesign, updates to DKS, actuation point settings and programmability. We’re planning on launching a DKS beta soon and would love to get your feedback right here on discord.


Release notes V2.5.3

Release notes V3.0.0

Full patch notes

We will add these later this week. ‍‍

Does it have everything the old Wootility had?

No not everything is included yet. We disabled D.K.S. and the profile manager for now. We will add these functions in the next update.



Full UI Overhaul

In preparation for the Wooting two launch, we build the Wootility from ground up. It has a fresh new look and is now fully responsive. We don't have any detailed guides yet for the new ui. We'll update our guides soon with the new interface in mind.