60HE update 17
November 25, 2022

Peak Season & PBT Keycaps

It's peak season, Sinterklaas (🤭), Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and whatever discount days other retailers think of. Our 3rd party fulfillment center in the USA is ramping up to peak shipments and in the Netherlands they're running as expected.

There are a lot of deliveries to be made within the next few weeks and if you haven't received your Wooting 60HE, you'll be asking what can I expect?

There are about 8 different parent scenarios, with about 7 child scenarios. It's going to be a complete mess for me to write it here or in the video update (I didn't).

Instead, please do the following:

  • Go to the Wooting hub to see your estimated delivery date. This is the best estimation we're able to give now.
  • To find more information on the estimate, click on the batch name hyperlink. This will show any relevant information to your batch.

While you're in the hub, you can also double-check, and if necessary, edit your address. This is immediately reflected on your order.

I recently wrote a lengthy update piece already in the Batch updates. I'd refer there for more details on your batch. If your estimation has minor changes over time, it's safe to assume that this is related to the goods are delayed in transit to warehouse or the fulfillment center needs to pick up the pace. We're in all cases making sure we can ship as soon as we can.

The Team

We've grown the team over the last 6 month with 4 more people! This is all thanks to your support and patience that we're able to grow rapidly. You might remember my blog on scaling Wooting, we can already tick off 1 part which is scaling people. We also have a process in place that'll help us hire faster in the future.

With the additional team members, we're able to provide better support, take on more projects, and run a smoother operation. You will start to notice this slowly over time, thanks to the new members:

Anders, aka Mansen the duck
Full-time customer support

Tony, aka Bigbrain AFK
Full-time back-end development

Full-time industrial designer

Full-time project manager

There's more in the pipeline, remember the talk about scaling the shopping experience? We launched a new Wooting website beta that has the store integrated and delivers a better experience. A new platform we'll be building on top of. You can already check it out by joining our Discord and checking one of the later announcements.


I wanted to add this little section to let everybody know that with all that is going on, we haven't lost focus on what the priority is:

Scale production, meet demand, and deliver out of stock ASAP

This automatically means delivering your order as soon as possible is the top priority.

I hope after reading the batch update(s) you can understand that there's only so much we can do to make it move any faster than it already is. The estimates are as accurate we could get them and are updated (with batch update) when there is a major change. Otherwise a lot of it is out of our hands to move faster.


Co-founder and CEO
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