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February 7, 2018

Wooting's November Survey Results

We ran a survey November 2017 asking for feedback from people that had used the Wooting one for a couple of months already.I want to thank everybody once again for participating and sharing this information. It has given us a lot of insight and removed some of the biased/tunnel vision we had created. We had already started working on all the possible improvements, and hope you had noticed.The survey consists out of quantitive feedback and qualitative feedback. I'll go through each question, generalize and sometimes add a note.

Quantitative Feedback

The overwhelmingly positive feedback was awesome, thank you for that, but of course also biased. The best way to read it is anything below the 4, can use an improvement.

Qualitative Feedback

This is an open end, and I'll list the most common and interesting answers. Perhaps you'll find your own in between.

Name one thing you love about your Wooting one.

I was able to quantify these answers, the top 5 were:

  1. Build quality & Design
  2. The Switches feeling & customizability
  3. Analog input
  4. Functionality
  5. Everything!

A couple comment highlights:

"Its a mouse, not sure I can have love for it.""The plastic cover to put on all keycaps at once is also a nice dust cover, keyboard stays clean now""The open dialog with backers""The founders, the product, myself"

Name one thing we can improve on.

There were a lot of variable answers but the majority came down to these top 5:

  1. Software improvements (Wootility)
  2. RGB colors/options
  3. Numpad option
  4. How to best use Analog information
  5. It's a bit too noisy

A couple comment highlights:

"Onboard USB 3 hub. Type C or type A are both fine.""Open source the code so people can contribute and/or tinker with it.""Imho you could improve the noise level"

Note:Looking at the number 1&2 place of improvement, software is very important for us and one of our strengths. Hopefully, you've noticed the numerous improvements since that survey, including Linux support. In general, you can expect the following in general lines:

  • January: Xinput improvements, bug fixes (media/fn keys)
  • February: RGB effects & color correction
  • March: Dynamic/automatic gaming profiles
  • April: Improved Double keystroke & Full programmability
  • May: Open source Wootility & final bug fixes

You can contribute by suggesting features and reporting bugs on our roadmap.

Which game do you play the most with analog?

I was able to quantify these answers, the top 5 were:

  1. Haven't used it//Barely used it/Don't really play games
  2. GTA5
  3. Rocket League
  4. Overwatch
  5. Forza/racing game

Only one comment highlight here:

"My CNC machine."

Note:It was very interesting to see the number of people that hadn't used it yet. It's understandable that at the time it wasn't very obvious how to get started or it doesn't/didn't support your favorite game. We worked on creating how-to articles for the top games but we can do better.

If you were the owner of Wooting, what would you change?

This was such an interesting question and something I'd want to ask more often. It either gives us a new insight, a frustration that we hadn't done it yet or well a numpad suggestion.I'm leaving this to comment highlights with the occasional note:

"The naming of the switches (red switches are black and blue switches contain a red accent)"Note: You might have noticed we slowly started the name change. Linear55 "Red" and Clicky55 "Blue"."I'd get working on that Numpad addon :D""I'd put sets of keycaps for other international keyboard layouts separately for sale""Sustain meticulous and methodical growth. Introduce a mini and a maxi Wooting keyboard. Keep Wooting in the hands of the founders. Cash cow is not king and what goes up must come down.""Make it clearer what's happening next with wootility""Mandatory monthly rotating hairstyles. ""Open the shop with more stuff (like caps, switches and all other miscellaneous stuff)""Marketing. Send some free ones to big gamers and see if you can raise awareness.""Better keyboard profile database, more pcgamingwiki style game use guides. ""It would be nice to make Wootility open source. The next step is to create an open SDK so that any developer can use it to create their own software."Note: We hear you."I would commission the creation of tutorial videos that would show our customer base how to take full advantage of the product, then read the comments on those videos to change the product and make it better and continue the cycle until the keyboard itself becomes obsolete.""Stay focused on building a good product and company."

What function of a competitor's / your old keyboard do you miss the most?

There was some overlap with the improvement question before. This time only a top 3, as the rest varied in answers and came near equal numbers:

  1. Numpad (twice more than no.2)
  2. Macro keys
  3. RGB effects/related

Comment highlights:

"LCD screen (G15), G-Keys""The shiny windows key instead of the wooting logo""As I only got the mouse because they keyboard was too pricey, I don't miss my old mouse at all."Note: huh?

Note:Numpad, lol. We definitely gotya there.

Anything else you want to tell us?

This was a very open question and the answers varied. A lot of you shared love, support, experiences and improvements/suggestions. Much <3 to all of your and thank you dearly for supporting us.Comment highlights:

"Thank you for taking the time to provide all the information, communications and asking for feedback with your customers! If more companies did this, the world would be a much better place!""I like m&m's so now you know that 😀""Great keyboard, and great transparency from you guys throughout the whole process, well executed plan from the start.""Offer new different top plates for sale!""Keep doing what you are doing, the very down to customer level of communication and news/streaming is what makes Wooting into Wooting. Never change that.""Software-wise it would be nice to have macros outside DKS"


When we looked at the total survey results back in November, it was very encouraging and at the same time insightful. The overly positive responses clouded some important points but when we averaged everything and read through the comments, it was clear we had to make quick work of the Wootility and available information.I'll be honest though, we're still not entirely up to par with the feedback we've received and read through it again a couple months later there's still good advice in there. I'm confident we're able to exceed a lot of the feedback given within 2018, that being on a hardware, software, and analog development level. We're getting better at what we're doing by the day and managing the multitude of responsibilities we have more efficient over time.It's tough but the Wooting team (you all!) is growing bigger, stronger and smarter. Which also helps us in the further development and getting the word out there. Because in all honesty, we're still doing a terrible job at marketing!I have to thank you all for the continued interest in Wooting. Therefore my feedback for you all, don't feel neglected or unimportant, you are at the center of Wooting and will decide how far we can kick it in the long-run. You are our most important investors now and forever. And I hope we can expand our Wooting team with more likeminded that share the same values and beliefs in 2018.

Co-founder and CEO
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