Wooting Two Kickstarter
May 24, 2018

Wooting Two Kickstarter Rewards Preview

There’s only a bit more than a week left before the Wooting two Kickstarter launches. I can speak for everyone at Wooting, to say that we’re all super nervous!Before we launch the Kickstarter, I want to share the rewards we’re planning to have and I can use your honest feedback.

The approach

Keep it simple.The more complexity, the more chance problems will arise and the more confusing it is for you guys. That’s why the rewards need to be as straightforward and simple as possible. No extra gimmicks, swag, fidgets or other waste. Though, dealing with international customer is a different story, you'll see.No ridiculous price schemes.You know those Kickstarter that offer the product at half of the retail price? It’s ridiculous and not a viable. Either they’re not planning to bring the same product to retail or there is a ridiculous amount to be earned by their sales channels.We want to put an emphasis on making you one of the original backers and supporters of the Wooting two. You and us, together, creating an impactful product.No big stretch goals.Stretch goals aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but it comes back to the first point. It adds complexity and endangers the main focus point of the Kickstarter. I’m also very doubtful how much it will actually help us to get people to join the Kickstarter or not.We might add a simple stretch goal that we’re keeping a secret for now.No complicated software access programs.There’s a handful of Kickstarters that promise a physical product which heavily relies their software to be useful. They will divide their rewards into all kinds of different early access types and more often than not, in the end, the software is still horrible when the product hits the mass users.We promised to release the Wooting developer portal, then that means, it’s immediately available for everybody. Interested in helping development or testing our early phase software? Then hop onto discord and join in. No special reward tier or application.Now without further due, let’s get into...

The Rewards

To clarify:

  • The Small and Big switch packs you can choose between, red, blue and black. You will get 12 in the small and a full-size amount of 110 switches in the big.
  • The fastest pledge around is a Wooting two with all its accessories, but there will only be one available (so be fast).
  • Early bird is a Wooting two with all its accessories. But there's a limit to 200 backers.
  • The Wooting two is a ... Wooting two with all the accessories.
  • With the combo pack you will get a Wooting two with all its accessories and a big switch set (Choose between, red, blue or black switch variant)
  • The super pack is a Wooting two with all its accessories and two big switch packs. (You will have all the variations)
  • I am the one... two is the same as the super pack but you'll also get the first ever made Wooting two prototype. (only 1 available)

Important Pricing & Shipping notice for EU customers

The reward prices are excluding shipping and custom fees for European Union customers. If you reside in an European Union country, your shipping and custom fees will be added during checkout.We will help import and deliver your reward within Europe without any unexpected charges. This will save you a major headache, long transits and unexpected bills from your local import customs.What. Everybody living within the European Union is liable for local VAT (Btw/UID/USt/Moms). If you live in a country of the European Union and you import goods from outside the European Union, the goods will be held by your local customs for taxation.They will charge your local VAT (~21%) and import duty over the total value of the goods including shipping cost. Often there's also an additional administration fee and in some cases they re-evaluate the total value of the goods.How. We will import the goods, deal with customs, local VAT and any other charges for you. Then we will ship your reward from our fulfillment center in the Netherlands to you.Reality. If you add the shipping and custom fee, in fact, it's the Kickstarter price including VAT. This includes Free shipping in the Benelux and Germany. In other European countries there's a small shipping fee. Take a look:

What European Customers really pay:

RewardWhat you really payI support analog€10Small switch pack€15 + shipping fee (€5)Big switch pack€50 + shipping fee (€5)Fastest pledge around€100 + Free shipping in Benelux + GermanyEarly bird€130 + Free shipping in Benelux + GermanyWooting two€140 + Free shipping in Benelux + GermanyThe combo pack€180 + Free shipping in Benelux + GermanyThe super pack€220 + Free shipping in Benelux + GermanyI am the one...two€999 + Free shipping in Benelux + Germany

Shipping USA

All the reward prices include free shipping in the United States. The Kickstarter prices are originally in Euros, but you will see them in a Kickstarter converted US dollar amount. We have done our best to keep the prices in line with our target but the ongoing conversion rate will heavily influence this.Kickstarter forces us to display the prices in Euro. That's why we've adjusted the Euro prices to better reflect our US dollar prices. Our solution is related to the message above.How. We will import all the goods, deal with customs and any other charges for you. Then we will ship your reward from our fulfillment center in North Carolina to you.

What USA customer expect to pay:

RewardWhat we're aiming forI support analog$10Small switch pack$15 + shipping feeBig switch pack$50 + shipping feeFastest pledge around$100 + Free shipping in USAEarly bird$130 + Free shipping in USAWooting two$140 + Free shipping in USAThe combo pack$180 + Free shipping in USAThe super pack$220 + Free shipping in USAI am the one...two$999 + Free shipping in USASounds confusing right? Sometimes it can be difficult to sell a product on a single platform for all the customers in the world, exchange rates, taxes, and a lot more mambo jumbo. But we think this is the best and most fair approach for both EU and US backers.But... but when will it go live?If everything goes smooth (Meaning kickstarter will approve our project in time), the kickstarter of the Wooting two will go live at the 31st of May 15:00/3:00 pm CEST (Amsterdam time). Here is a sweet overview:CityLocal timeDateAmsterdam, Stockholm, Paris15:00 / 3:00pm31st of MayLondon14:00 / 2:00pm31st of MayNew York09:00 / 9:00am31st of MayLos Angeles06:00 / 6:00am31st of MayTaipei21:00 / 9:00pm31st of MaySydney23:00 / 11:00pm31st of MayAnd for those who would rather like a countdown:

Wooting two kickstarterCountdown

It's live!

Flaretech switch spec:

Avaliable layouts:

Didn't see your language in between? Let us know what you want with the:

Language Survey!

Specifications Wooting two:

  • Full analog
  • 450mm x 150mm x 38mm
  • ~ 1kg
  • USB-C to USB-A
  • Onboard memory
  • NKRO / Anti ghosting
  • Red, blue or black flaretech switches
  • Individual RGB-backlit + cool effects

Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 - Mac OSX - Linux
  • 1 USB port
  • The internet – Optional for downloading the Wootility

The current timeline:

Feedback here!

We're always open and welcoming to feedback. You know where to find us:

Co-founder and CEO
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