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September 22, 2017

Woo-woo-What? It's September

Do you remember the 21st night of September?Love was changing the minds of pretenders

This is a new type of blog topic. I felt that we weren't sharing enough on the blog, and too much "inside" information was going around. The core community might be up to speed, but many of you would not exactly be in the same loop.And when I say you, I also mean the increasing amount of Wooting one owners. It's our job to keep communicating and involving you in all our activities. That's what we're about. When you get the Wooting one it's not only about a keyboard, it's becoming part of a team and adventure that is Wooting.When you're part of the team, you have a voice and the power to make things happen within Wooting. Even if it's only for asking your tracking number ;-) .Now that's off my chest, let's get into the juicy September news.

Wooting one in stock

All the batch 2 keyboards arrived at our fulfillment center in the United States of America, The Netherlands, and Sweden. A large chunk of it already went out to the early buyers, which brings the following.There's almost no more USA ANSI - Wooting one Basic - Red switch keyboards left in the North America and Europe/International Store. But there's still:

  • Wooting one Basic - Nordic ISO - Blue
  • Wooting one Basic - Nordic ISO - Red
  • Wooting one Basic - Nordic ISO - Premium (Red&Blue)
  • Wooting one Basic - US ANSI - Blue
  • Wooting one Basic - US ANSI - Premium (Red&Blue)

We expect basic Reds in November again. If you live in the Benelux, we have a new Distributor that will have stock (!), I will announce them in another post.[North America Store][International/Europe Store]

Wooting Merch is here!

Go to your clothing closet and take a good look... something doesn't feel right... it's the lack of Wooting T-shirts! Spice up that clothing closet with awesome Wooting apparel. Now available on the International and North America store.It's a limited run right now, testing the feasibility. We use a third-party company to print and send the merch. We tested a couple of samples and felt they did a top-notch job. There's one catch though, currently, it's all made and shipped from the USA. This means that international/Europe shipping cost isn't the best yet. We don’t particularly earn on the Merch, but it’s hella fun and a cool way to express yourself.So... Be part of the kool kids and grab that puller shirt[US/CA customers][Rest of the world]

Wootility Overhaul

The Wootility has seen a lot of updates by now and we’re still learning how to handle these software releases. We aim to open-source the Wootility. Then everybody can get their hands dirty and we can start adding community made functions or improvements.Jeroen shared a story called an Engineer debt. As a software engineer, you often decide to make a couple of shortcuts and not organize your code very well. This is with the mindset of, I’ll fix that later. Those pile of “fixes” ends up not getting fixed, increasing the amount of work it will take to fix it. Then the inevitable happens, it hits you.The best you can do is pause early and pay off your debt. That’s exactly that Jeroen is doing now and more(!).He decided to change the backend dynamic of the Wootility and use a “flux architecture”. This means the Wootility will be easier to understand once it's open-sourced. Plus it gives us a more streamlined process when to add new features.[caption id="attachment_1389" align="aligncenter" width="599"]

(Flux architecture)[/caption]

Expect the update to come out in a couple of weeks. Make sure to download the latest [Wootility v1.0.7] so that it will auto-update!

The Website

The increasing amount of users also comes with an increasing amount of support and responsibility. The old Wooting website wasn’t built for that. That’s why Erik decided to throw it all away and start fresh!The new Wooting website will include a better flow in finding information, download pages, FAQ and upcoming news. And of course a squeaky clean fresh exciting new landing page.We can really use your help with the landing page. We’re hoping you could populate the customer feedback on our page. You can do that through the following:Make a picture, write something you like or hate about the Wooting one, tag #wootingone or @wootingkb and post it on:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Discord #I_have_my_wooting_one_hype
  • The wallpaper in your room

We will use it as a testimonial on our page. This would, hands down, help us a lot.Expect the new website to release in the next couple of weeks.

Hands down for the latest reviews

Dmitry from Hardware Canucks

had a look at the Wooting one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCVIeacsCww

Oliver from Stromen

Went entirely Swedish with this great review:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi92ZzzeTlY

Feedback here

As always, let us know what you think and share your opinion. We are always here.

🙌🏼  Calder

Co-founder and CEO
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