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April 1, 2018

Welcome to the Amazon... it's March

Tl;DR: Thanks a lot for the Amazon (and webshop) reviews, it helps us a lot. The new Wootility & firmware update is out: RGB effects, larger color spectrum, and language support. Erik made new pictures and video assets, sexy af. The next open beta is input speed!

(Amazon) Reviews

Thank you all so much for leaving a review on our Amazon or webshop page! I was amazed with the amount of responses we had gotten.


Your review contributions are beyond valuable and vital to our success. It helps other's to know us better, and really gets our name out there.If you haven't left a review and are in a giving mode, I'd super duper appreciate it. You can jump over to our Amazon (if you haven't bought it on Amazon, they might block the review, there's a weekly limit of 5):

and/otherwise on our webshop:

Wootility & Firmware Update

This is what we were all waiting for, the major RGB update is now public! Besides a couple of bug fixes, there are two major upgrades:

RGB Color spectrum

There's a larger RGB color spectrum available. The colors you choose in the Wootility should now better match with the keyboard. This allows a whole bunch of new interesting colors.Thankfully, you don't need to be a creative soul to get started. There's now a drop-down with new color layouts made by the amazing Erik. I'm a big fan of Inferno and Pastel XL, how about you?

RGB Effects

RGB effects are by far the most anticipated feature of 2018! If haven't tried the Beta yet, get ready to be bedazzled! There's now a whole arsenal of new effects.[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]


The Wootility now supports other languages! It will automatically choose the same language as your system language. Or you can choose your own language in the settings.At this moment it only supports English, simplified and traditional Chinese中文. But it's very easy for us to add more language, we're only missing one thing.Translations!We will publish the translations in public, and allow anybody to help out. Expect a dedicated post coming out for this with more details.

Wootility Input speed Beta

Input latency, a controversial topic and for some vital to their weapon of choice. Many manufacturers claim that they have the fastest input available. But don't have much proof other than dodgy charts to back their claims.We currently claim to have lightning fast input speed. Though this is true in comparison to other "gaming" keyboards, it's not optimized yet. We kept our keyboard input latency at a sub-optimal rate, to avoid potential issues.Now that we're confident in the firmware performance, we started to push the input speed.We had already introduced a closed beta with 1000hz (1ms) keyboard scanning rate (this is not the same as USB polling). This beta firmware was recently tested at 2.5ms input latency (from physical input to PC) by SunJun Kim.Now we need to make sure that this faster scanning rate is also stable enough to run on every single Wooting one. Furthermore, Jeroen will look into how to further tweak and optimize its performance.That's why it's going into open Beta.You can expect a more in-depth blog from Tino (Fleimi). He'll explain in detail what input latency is, how it works, and why it matters.Lastly, yes this is a big topic, you can learn how complex it is to press a button. No Wooting one was hurt during the tests.

New Assets!

Did you see those fancy RGB videos? Erik rented a real badass camera and spent two days making pictures and videos. And I have to tell you, he gets better in it every time! Check out more of these juicy previews:

Wooting one side_black
Wootingone logo

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