Wooting at Dreamhack
October 15, 2016

Join us at Dreamhack Winter '16

We're going to Dreamhack Winter 2016 in Jönköping, Sweden and want to invite you to join/visit us. The three of us (Calder, Jeroen, Erik) will be in the middle of the crowd with our own LAN tables. We'll each have a Wooting one keyboard and you can give it a shot!There's a small chance that we'll also have a small booth spot in the exhibition area. It depends if other exhibitors like to host/share with us. Otherwise, it's waaay over budget for us.Last year we also attended the show before we announced anything analog. It was our first trip there and it was, to say the least, a blast. This year we want to invite you to come sit with us at Dreamhack Winter. There's still a month to go but there's loads of table space available.If you join us, we'll make sure to equip you with a proper Wooting T-shirt and add some flair with Wooting stickers. You'll immediately be the coolest person in the hall and can skip all those swag give-a-ways. You already got it all.We're not expecting to a horde of people to join tables, but even if it's one, that's already awesome. If you're interested in joining, then connect with us as soon as possible:

The deadline is... if you read this, get in touch ;)If you've already booked a table then you should definitely come visit us. We'll make sure to announce our seats repetitively over time.👀 👉 soon - Wooting.Calder, Erik, Jeroen

Co-founder and CEO
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