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Few extra switches

Some extra screws

Hey you!

Welcome to the world of Wooting keyboards. This is a short guide to set the keyboard up and get you gaming as fast as possible. You’ll find buttons to more advanced how-to articles, should you need assistance with some of the more involved functions of the keyboard.

What’s inside the box

How to set up the keyboard

Keyboard operation 101: Modes

Plug one end into the keyboard, the other into the computer. You’re all set!

a Wooting one or two

At this point, your Wooting keyboard is set up for basic operation, gaming or furious typing. You can download our lightweight software, Wootility, to:

  • Update the keyboard firmware
  • Set lighting effect
  • Change the point at which keys actuate
  • Fine-tune your gaming settings
  • ...And much more

We recommend you to watch the introductory video that pops up when you open up Wootility for the first time, to get your bearings. If you accidentally close it, or want to view it again, click the button below.

The Wooting keyboard has 1 dedicated digital profile and 3 or more analog profiles. You can quickly swap between the digital profile and your last used analog profile pressing the Mode key.

The basic teardown of a mechanical keyboard starts with taking off the keycaps. We provide you with our 2-sided Püller for this. One side is for taking off the keycaps safely, the other is for taking off the switches.

Taking things apart

Technical support and more advanced guides

If you need support or are interested in more advanced things you can do with the keyboard, you can:


Warrenty details

Our products are covered by a 2-year warranty and a 2-year warranty on the LEDS (RGB lights) from the date of purchase. A receipt or other proof of purchase is required for warranty claims.
The complete terms and conditions for the 2-year warranty can be found here.

Digital mode
This is your everyday typing mode. Keys will either be on or off, just like you are used to.

Analog mode

Here’s where the magic happens. In the analog mode, keys can determine the depth of your keypress for smoother movement in games or other magic analog features.The analog mode has 3 customizable profiles. You can swap between them by pressing

Function keys

Did you see that Fn key? That’s the function key, it gives you access to another key layer on the keyboard. There are other functions you can access:

Media keys

LED brightness

Function lock toggle

Disable windows key

Pulling keycaps
To pull out keycaps, you need to use the keycap side of the Püller. Place it over a keycap with the prongs on the left and right side and push into place. You should hear a click from both sides, indicating that the Püller has a good grab from either side. Now, just pull gently directly upwards. Avoid twisting, turning or bending while pulling as that can damage the switches.


To place keycaps back on, simply locate them on the stem and push down gently.

Pulling switches
This is where you can put that First Aid Kit of 4 switches to good use. You can swap a broken switch, or simply feel out the other 2 types of switches.


Much like pulling keycaps, pulling the switches is simple when you know how. You will need to remove the keycap first by following the instructions above. Now, locate the switch side of the Püller. Place the prongs on the switch locks, pinch with your fingers, and pull up. The switches pop out with relatively little force.


To re-install a switch, locate it on the hole the same way it came off, (the is a little arrow on the left side of the switch, this should always face left) and push straight down.

Download Wootility