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You asked, we created

The full-size analog mechanical keyboard

Analog input

Analog input keys

Gradual movement on a keyboard, just like a controller joystick. An entire new input dimension that doesn’t require any native game support. Learn more...

Mechanical Switches

Increase your WPM and get the fastest reaction time possible. Still feel that sweet mechanical keyboard experience even with our analog technology

Every key on the Wooting two can see how far you press down for analog input. Similar to how a joystick on a controller works, you can gradually control the amount of input.

We couldn't have done it without the backers. A special thanks to all 906(!) Backers who made the Wooting two a reality!

Funded by the community

The typing experience on the Wooting two is extremely satisfying thanks to the very smooth and linear Flaretech switches. You might forget that it’s an analog keyboard. There’s no scratch, or uneven distribution of force.

We leveraged the optical switch technology and optimized our firmware for the fastest possible input speed.

Hot-swap the Flaretech switches for any other Flaretech switch variant. You can mix and match switches or swap the entire set around if you feel like it.

Flaretech Prism Switch

No compromises

The Wootility

Input speed to the max


If you’re like us, you must be pretty fed up with the awful software from “gaming” companies. That’s why we made our own to-the-point software that we’re continuously improving.

We saved no expenses in our choice of material and general build quality. We’re known for our strict quality assurance and take great care to deliver nothing but the best. This keyboard is unbendable or twistable. Guaranteed. But don’t put it in a blender.

Enjoy excellent build quality

We wouldn't be here without our amazing community. They are friendly, helpful and share our values. We welcome you to join us on Discord, with or without a Wooting one.

Awesome community

Immerse yourself into the game

Take analog control of your games with the analog input keys, just like a joystick controller. Never lose immersion and gain smooth steering control in games such as *GTA5, PUBG, Rocket League, Track Mania, Dirt 4, and etc.

Even a controller can't do this

Adjustable actuation point

Linear80 "Black"

Key end force: 80cN
No feedback
100,000,000 clicks
0.03ms debounce
Similar to Black switches.

Clicky55 "Blue"

Key end force: 55cN
Audible feedback
100,000,000 clicks
0.03ms debounce
Similar to Blue switches.

Linear55 "Red"

Key end force: 55cN
No feedback
100,000,000 clicks

0.03ms debounce
Similar to Red switches.

Create unique analog advantages over your enemies by quietly walk at a faster pace or lean at tighter angles.

Bind multiple inputs at different actuation points with Double Key Stroke (DKS). The advanced DKS allows more complex bindings based on key press down and up events.

The fastest response for gaming, the laid back response for error-free typing. Adjust the actuation point anywhere between the 1.5 to 3.6mm on each profile. 

The Wooting two is not only an analog keyboard, it’s also an extraordinary mechanical keyboard. You can still type like any other keyboard without ever noticing it’s such an advanced analog keyboard.

Enjoy true N-key rollover (NKRO) and anti-ghosting. The Wooting two can see and report all its keys at the same time.

Get the competitive advantage

Be flashy and create a keyboard picasso. Or be practical and add game-specific color profiles. It’s all possible with the key-by-key programmable RGB lights.

Individual RGB Backlight


Buy now

Don't trust us

Trust our community.

"The keyboard is absolutely brilliant should have bought it way earlier. The software needs still some tiny updates, but is very promising as you look to the features and roadmap."


"It's great, loving it more each month.Cant go back, so be aware what you get yourself into."


"Just the right amount of resistance - goldilocks touch between too soft and too hard. The build is so solid. I have had my keyboard for 2 years now and the keys have not worn at all."


Them cool specs

Now available

Laser Fast Input

Action is reaction with near zero input lag you’re 10x faster than any professional e-sports player, unless they use a Wooting two of course.

Grow extra fingers, start typing like a maniac and simultaneously press all the keys, it will never miss a stroke with N-key rollover.

N-key Rollover (NKRO)

Modular keyboard

Swap the MX keycaps, switch and/or top plate for another. Customize it to your taste.

A three-way cable gutter underneath the keyboard for the… Detachable USB-C Gold Plated Braided Cable. Boom!

Cable Management

Onboard Memory

Save all your preferences on the keyboard, not in the cloud, and save up to 4 profiles.

Create gaming profiles, tweak analog sensing, the actuation point and more; all saved on the keyboard.


Individual RGB

Customize key-by-key to your favorite color and run those fancy pancy effects.

All the function keys within easy right-hand reach. Easily transform the media keys into dedicated keys with FN toggle.

Smart FN Media Keys

Plug & Game

Plug in and start playing analog. No native game support required thanks to Xinput and Directinput.

Every key on the keyboard detects analog input‍‍.

Analog input keys

Available languages:

US English - ANSI

UK English - ISO

DE German - ISO

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