Wooting Alumaze60 - 60% universal aluminium case

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The Alumaze60 is a universal 60% tray mount case that can fit the Wooting 60HE (module) and any universal 60% tray mount PCB. The Alumaze60 has subtle curvatures creating a unique looking aluminum case and breaking away from that typical rectangular shape. There is an accent piece on the left side to pull your attention, create contrast, and blend in the (optional) strap opening.

If you're going all-in, you can install the iconic strap with black and white Wooting text and it'll be immediately known what's (supposedly) inside the hood.


The design focused on creating a low height keyboard with a minimal amount of angle, whilst retaining enough space for modifications, and adequate thickness for weight without breaking the bank. Please see the specifications for detailed measurements.


  • Adjustable angle: Adjust the case angle from the standard 4 degrees to 7.5 degree by swapping out the silicone back feet.
  • Removable standoff: Remove the center and spacebar sided brass screw-in standoffs depending on your build
  • Universal tray mount: Compatible with the 60HE (Module) PCB and universal 60% tray mounted PCB.
  • Optional strap: Install an iconic Wooting strap.


Sandblasted Anodized colors are vibrant and reflect light, but are not perceived as "shiny" thanks to the sandblasted surface:

  • Just Black
  • Ocean Blue
  • Lavender Purple

Micro-Arc Oxidation (MAO) creates a unique ceramic feeling and matte surface that can endure more wear:

  • Concrete Gray

To finish it off, we have two painted versions

  • Just White
  • Blossom Pink
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Alumaze60 outer dimensions
Length: 305mm | 12 inch
Width: 107mm | 4.2 inch

Alumaze60 inner dimensions
Length: 287.5mm | 11.2 inch
Width: 97mm | 3.81 inch

Measured by bottom row, OEM profile keycaps, silicone feet, and 60HE module.

Standard 4° : 30.11mm | 1.18 inch
Standard 7.5° : 29.57mm | 1.16 inch

Note: if you install with Cherry profile keycaps, you can reduce 2-2.5mm from the height.

575 grams

USB port opening
Position: Top left
Size: 10mm x 4.5mm | 0.39 inch x 0.17 inch

Compatible with Wooting 60HE and universal GH60 PCB.



  • Case : AL5052
  • Strap : Nylon
  • Attachment : Silicone
  • Feet: Silicone
  • Binding post : Steel
  • Screws : Stainless steel


  • Just Black: Sandblasted Anodized
  • Ocean Blue: Sandblasted Anodized
  • Lavender Purple: Sandblasted Anodized
  • Concrete Gray: Micro-Arc Oxidation (MAO)
  • Silicone feet: Cool gray

4 fixed standoffs
2 removable brass standoffs

What do you get inside the box

  • 1x Alumaze60
  • 1x L shape part of Alumaze60
  • 1x "Wooting" Strap
  • 1x Silicone attachment to attach strap
  • 2x Binding post M2.5x2 set for silicone attachment
  • 6x Screw M2x6
  • 1x 4° Silicone feet
  • 1x 7.5° Silicone feet
  • 1x EPDM foam sound dampening pad
  • 1x Silicone stand-off protections rings


Which PCB can fit the Alumaze60?

The Alumaze60 follows best practice for universal 60% tray mount. This should make it compatible with most standard 60% PCB, such as GH60. It is 100% compatible with the Wooting 60HE PCB.

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