Wooting Detachable USB-C Coiled/Straight Cable Set

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The detachable cable can deliver a steady voltage for high performance devices, including the Wooting 60HE, whilst also delivering on a unique premium cable. The cable quickly and easily detaches into 2 parts thanks to the durable FGG/PHG connector; the long main cable and either a short straight- or longer coiled cable.

You can choose your favorite cable style. In addition you can use the other cable on another device to quickly connect and disconnect between. By actively using the FGG/PHG connector, you prevent wearing out the USB-C port on your device and, of course, look cool 😎.

The cable is USB-C to USB-C. The set comes with a USB-C (female) to USB-A (male) dongle.

Please note. This cable is not compatible with the: Wooting two HE, lekker edition or Flaretech keyboard models.

The cable guides can't fit the thickness of the cable. If you own a keyboard that connects the cable underneath the case, please double check the the sizes (specifications) if it can fit.

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FGG (male) to USB-C cable: 150cm | 59 inch
PHG (female) to USB-C straight cable: 10cm | 3.94 inch
PHG (female) to USB-C coiled cable: start 8.5cm (vertical)+ coiled 14cm (horizontal)+ end 8.5cm (vertical) | 3.35 / 5.5 / 3.35 inch


USB2.0 cable
USB3.2 dongle

The cable is USB2.0 for optimal compatibility with input devices. The dongle can be used for USB2.0 and USB3.2 cables.

What do you get?

  • 1x PHG to USB-C coiled cable
  • 1x PHG to USB-C straight cable
  • 1x FGG to USB-C long cable
  • 1x USB-C to USB-A dongle


Will this cause any random key presses due to an unstable voltage?

No, this cable is a premium cable that we've tested for delivering a stable voltage for high performance devices, such as the Wooting 60HE. No expenses were saved on the shielding or ground.

Is this cable capable of supporting tachyon mode with 100% brightness?

Yes, this cable has been designed to support tachyon mode with full brightness on your keyboard.

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