PC Switch Plate Kit for Wooting 60HE

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Disclaimer: The ISO PC plate is officially compatible with the 60HE+ ISO layout. You can also install it with the 60HE ISO layout, however, you can’t screw in all the standoffs.This has not resulted in any issues in our tests, but we can’t make any guarantee you won’t run into performance issues. The ANSI PC plate is fully compatible with both.

The PC (polycarbonate) switch plate for the Wooting 60HE will change the acoustics and feel of your Wooting 60HE. It's great choice when you plan to use a metal (aluminum) case, it removes all the "ping" or high frequency resonance that is otherwise produced with the stock steel metal plate.

Sound & Feel

The PC material is softer, making the typing experience overall softer. It promotes lower frequency sounds and doesn't resonate with higher frequency sounds. In addition to the plate, the box includes a foam and silicone pad that can be sandwiched between the PCB and PC plate.

  • The silicone pad gives a more muted experience of the sound profile by lowering more mid frequencies and creates shorter, snappier sounds.
  • The foam pad mutes more of the higher frequencies creating more emphasis on "thock".

Build quality

This PC plate is 1 piece plastic injected with brass nuts embedded in the stand-off. This makes the plate extremely durable and easy to re-screw often.


What do you get?

1x PC switch plate
1x Silicone sandwich pad
1x Poron foam sandwich pad


Which PCBA models are compatible with the PC plate?

The PC plate is only compatible with the Wooting 60HE and Wooting 60HE+. You can't install or use it with any other PCBA due to having different screw points and there not being any standard.

Why is the ISO 60HE not fully compatible with the ISO PC plate?

The Wooting 60HE+ comes with support for screw in stabilisers. On the ISO version this caused a conflict with the top right standoff.

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