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Wooting two HE quick start guide

This guide will help you get started with that beautiful Wooting two HE on your desk. Make sure to read the text and not skip too many things. You'll be thankful you did afterwards.

Glory is only as sweet as the people that are there to witness it. Share your experience, enjoyment, and learn from each other with the community members that received their Wooting two HE on Discord. And don’t shy away to tweet us a sweet picture at @wootingkb.

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What's inside the box?

Installing keycaps

Pulling keycaps

Download the Wootility

Keyboard modes and shortcuts

Advanced guides

What's inside the box?

Installing keycaps

Your Wooting two HE comes without keycaps installed. Don't worry, it's easy to install and a great way to bond with your keyboard.

If you have the Wooting ABS keycaps, these already come in your language layout and it's as simple as transferring it from the blister to your keyboard. Make sure to press the keycaps down firmly so it tightly fits the switch.

Below you can find a visual layout of all the keycap languages we have available, just in case 👍.

ANSI - United states


ISO - United kingdom


ISO - German


ISO - Nordics


Pulling keycaps

Ready to install a new set or misplaced a keycap? Time to master the art of pulling keycaps using the wire keycap püller.



Align the püller over the keycap and push down. Make sure the wire covers at least 2 corners.



Pull with one hand straight up. With your other hand hold down the keyboard.



Pop goes the weasel.

Download the Wootility

We rebuilt Wootility v4 from ground up to make space for all the awesomeness that comes with Lekker switches and we're not done yet. You can expect to receive frequent updates that include new features, UI tweaks, and bug fixes. This is why you can't use the public Wootility (v3) available on the Wootility download page (yet). Instead, you can download Wootility v4 right here 👇.

Be sure to give us feedback.

Keyboard modes & useful shortcuts

The Wooting two HE has 1 dedicated digital profile and 3 or more analog profiles. You can quickly swap between the digital profile and your last used analog profile by pressing the Mode key.


Digital Mode

This is your everyday typing mode. Keys will either be on or off, just like you are used to. All the fancy gamepad features are turned off here to make sure you don't confuse yourself. This is your rock.

Analog Mode

In analog mode, all the gamepad and more magical features are enabled. This is where you'd want to setup game specific profiles. By default there's 3 customizable profiles you can quickly swap between and are saved on the keyboard. You can quickly swap between them by pressing:


Function keys

Do you see the FN key on your bottom row? That’s the function key, it gives you access to another key layer on the keyboard. By default this is where you can access the function keys, but you can also completely remap it to your liking and even add another layer accessible with a function 2 key. These are the default function on the function layer:

Media keys


LED brightness


Function lock toggle


Disable windows key


Support, Help & Advanced guides

Coming soon...

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