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We will ship your keyboard from the Netherlands excluding VAT. The store doesn’t support prices excluding VAT, instead we deduct it from your shipping rates.You are liable for import duties and local taxes of your country. We send the packages using regular postal services, depending on the country, this is a hit or miss. If you have any questions concerning import duties and local taxes for your county, you’re welcome to ask social@wooting.io.

Frequently asked questions

If you live in the:

  • United States and Canada it’s US$200.-.
  • An European Union country it’s €200.- incl. VAT.
  • Outside the EU, US or CA it’s €200.- with heavily discounted shipping rates.*

*For international customers, please keep in mind that you are liable for any import/duty levied by your country. If you need any help on this matter, you are welcome to ask.

No currently the lekker edition is sold out. You can join the queue on the pre-order page, when a spot opens due to cancellation or other reason, we will reach out and offer you the option.

That said, there’s a long list and the chances are fairly slim. We recommend to instead pre-order the Wooting two HE. This is the Wooting two Lekker Edition in Black without all the extra added value and later delivery date.

Q. Is the Wooting two Lekker Edition still available?

Q. How much is it going to cost?

Q. I want this on my desk! When?

In our current planning, we will deliver the keyboards in May 2020. Our timeline is based on past experience and keeps a small buffer in mind. That said, this is a new technology, never mass produced before, a lot of moving parts and supplier dependencies. Anything can happen.You will follow the progress with us together.

The Lekker Edition is available in:

  • United States - US ANSI
  • International US English -  EN ISO*
  • Germany - DE ISO*
  • United Kingdom - UK ISO*
  • Nordics - NR ISO*
  • Spanish - ES ISO*

*The ISO languages come with a standard EN ISO layout installed and additional keycaps to change it to UK English, German, Spanish or Nordic layout.

Q. Do you support my keyboard language?

Q. Where can I buy it?

Right here, but be fast only 1000 will be made.

We will do our best to keep our timeline, however we cannot see into the future. Unforeseen things can happen but when something is up you will be the first to know by email and frequent project updates.

We have a proven track record from our previous 2 Kickstarters.

Q. Risks and challenges?

Q. Do I get product warranty?

The Wooting two lekker edition comes with a 2 year warranty and lifetime support. The warranty doesn’t go into effect until the keyboard is shipped and an invoice is issued.

The Lekker switch is a full-range analog input switch. We made it to push analog input to the next level. You can read more about the Lekker switch on this page.

Q. What is the Lekker switch?

Can't find an answer?

Let us know in the form below and we will update our F.A.Q.

Q. Does the Wootility software work on my system?

The Wootility is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Xinput is not natively supported on Linux and Mac. In-game analog movement features using Xinput will not work on both these  platforms. DirectInput and other analog features all work as expected.

In short every key on a Wooting keyboard can see how far you press down for analog input. Similar to how a joystick on a controller works, you can gradually control the amount of input. More info here.

Q. What is analog input?

Q. I want to help, how?

We consider you as our stakeholders and part of the team. That’s why we always involve you in our development, openly share our plans and actively listen to your feedback. Our Discord is a friendly and fun environment with like-minded people that are helpful and honest.

We have an open dialogue every 2 weeks on our livestream, share developments on the blog and maintain a public software roadmap.

If you can help spread the word, that’d be awesome.

We’re a group of young guys from the Netherlands, that know each other from a long history of gaming. We got fed up with the gaming stereotype and terrible customer communication by major "gaming" companies and decided to start for ourselves.

Currently, our mission is to make analog keyboards an industry standard. We strongly believe it's the next step and are doing our best to support further developments within the field.

Q. Who are you?

We will import all the keyboards into the United States and ship them from Pennsylvania (PA). You’re only liable for sales tax if you live in the state PA.

If you live in Canada, you are liable for import duties and local taxes in Canada. We unfortunately have no local presence.

Q. I live in the United States or Canada, do I need to worry about taxes?

Q. I don’t live within the European Union, United States or Canada, what about me?

So do we! The price already includes VAT. We will import the keyboards into the European Union and  pay for the duties and taxes. Then it will ship all from the Netherlands.

Q. I live within the European Union, what about VAT and import duties?

Q. I want a keyboard with lekker switches but not this one!

We will release more keyboard models with Lekker switches installed in the future. At the moment we are focused on the Wooting two Lekker Edition and the switch itself.

We can’t say or promise what type or when those other models will be available.

At the moment we are focused on a single Lekker switch variant, Linear 65gf. We will release more variants in the future. The Lekker switches in the Lekker edition are replaceable.

Q. I want Clicky/Tactile/Other variant Lekker switches!

Q. Which games support Analog input?

Games that support Xinput (Xbox controller) or DirectInput (Generic controllers/joysticks) will also support analog input on a Wooting keyboard. When a game doesn’t support one of these two protocols, you can create faux analog movement using DKS.

Not every game with controller support will promise a great experience or support.

What, wait, why!? Just joking, we know unexpected things can happen. You can always cancel your pre-order before shipment and we will refund you the full amount. You can contact us at social@wooting.io.

Q. Can I cancel my pre-order?

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