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Product Return

Warranty & Return policy

The following policies are only eligible for products purchased via the official Wooting shop. If you purchased it elsewhere, please contact them for return. If there are any issues or questions, you are welcome to contact us on social@wooting.io.

UNITED STATES & EUROPE: There is a 14-day return policy from the date of you’ve received the keyboard with the condition that it’s still in its original packaging, unused and in good condition. The return shipment is not covered. To apply for a refund please send an email to social@wooting.io.

INTERNATIONAL: We cannot offer a 14-day return on international shipments outside Europe and the United States. If you are not pleased or unsure about your order. Please, contact us by email: social@wooting.io

UNITED STATES, EUROPE & INTERNATIONAL: If you receive a defect product or if the product was heavily damaged during transport. Please send an email to social@wooting.io including a picture of the package, your order number and description of the situation.

Product Defect during shipping

Product Warranty

UNITED STATES, EUROPE & INTERNATIONAL: Every Wooting keyboard has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. This covers defects in workmanship and materials during normal use. Send an email to social@wooting.io to issue your warranty. A valid date of purchase and proof of purchase is required.

If you’ve purchased a pre-order, your warranty doesn’t go into effect until the date you’ve received the product. If you want to claim a warranty please send an email to social@wooting.io  

  • S/N number of product
  • Description of issue
  • Picture of issue
  • Proof of purchase


Return policy & Warranty