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Wootility v3.6 update notes

Team Wooting, February 16 2021

Hi, this is a brand new stable release with major improvements to joystick input, gamepad settings and troubleshooting, and input speed. This release is packed with improvements and bug fixes. We plan this to be the last major pre-Lekker release. Big changes Gamepad Tester You can now test your Gamepad Mappings and Settings directly in Wootility!...

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Wootility v3.5 update notes

Team Wooting, July 7 2020

It's vaporware no more. Remap every single key on your keyboard. Use F13 to F24 with Autohotkey for real pro's. Or map the Power Off button to the spacebar and surprise your mother. Other improvements- Redesigned the way profiles are imported for a reliable experience. Pro-tip: use the new Wooting profiles website.

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Wootility v3.4.6 update notes

Team Wooting, March 3 2020

Welcome to another Wootility update. This one has two major features, Razer Chroma Connect integration and the new Wooting Analog SDK. There are also some bugfixes, read more below. New features: Bug fixes:

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Wootility v3.3.2 update notes

Team Wooting, September 2 2019

This update has some more bug fixes - Fixed white screen error from deleting the inactive profile if it's selected. - Wootility will now connect to the keyboard again if there's no internet connection - Fix RGB FX translations speed - Fixed bug where choose effect, save and switch profiles doesn't sync

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Wootility v3.3.1 update notes

Team Wooting, June 6 2019

This update is focussed on usability and stability. Big thanks to @Rocky_4 (DEU) for his support with this update. - Added translations to the Wootility, with a language select included. Currently supported are German, French, Korean and Chinese. - Moved firmware updates to a different server, so there will be no more “time out of sync” issues.

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Wootility 3.2.5 update notes

Team Wooting, April 10 2019

The new DKS (Dynamic Key Stroke) is now finally ready for public release. We spent a lot of time tuning and designing the new system in the DKS with the help of the discord community, a big thank you to everyone involved there! Instead of writing DKS notes we’ll give you a super quick overview with the new guide and video. Find it in the new intro...

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Wootility 3.1.2 update notes

Team Wooting, February 22 2019

Wootility 3.1.2 is live! We received lots of kuddo's for the Wootility redesign and got tons of feedback, thanks everyone for making the Wootility even better. New Stuff Bug Fixes Things to come (in no particular order)

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Wootility 3.0.1 update

Team Wooting, February 5 2019

We disabled D.K.S and profile sharing for now. These features wil come in the next update. Our guides are still based on the old Wootility, we didn't had time to update these yet. Most concepts and functions stayed the same, but it looks a bit different now. We will update the guides in a week or two.

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Wooting two delivery schedule update!

Team Wooting, January 10 2019

Hey everyone, We are all waiting for the Wooting two to be delivered at your doorstep. Last month we were too enthusiastic about giving everyone a delivery indication. We then were hit with reality and hit a limbo where we were afraid to update the delivery schedule again. All sorts of things can influence the delivery date like: Customs, transpor...

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Wootility Update 2.5 - Tachyon input speed

Team Wooting, December 5 2018

This update adds two much requested features. We’ve also done a lot of plumping to prepare for the Wootility redesign and the Wooting two! Let’s just jump into it. Tachyon Mode The Wooting keyboard is an optical keyboard, so it’s only fitting that your keyboard will be faster than light. If you enable Tachyon Mode in digital mode your keyboard will...

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