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Full motion analog input

Master of input speed

Everything saved on the keyboard

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full range

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Project updates & news

We recently added a dedicated project update page for the latest development and status.

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Analog input unleashed

The Wooting two HE detects full switch motion with 0.1mm accuracy from start to end. Every single key outputs an analog signal that can be used for numerous features that enhances your typing and gaming experience. There is no compromise to be made in what a regular ol’ keyboard might have to offer. This is the future of keyboards.

Get your edge

You’re a gamer. You need the fastest possible input delivered consistently without fail. Not just eye-blinding RGB and dissuasive promises. This is how we deliver you the fastest possible input.

Adjustable actuation point

Eliminate the slowest element of input speed; the initial key press travel time. Now you have full control over your actuation point from 0.1 to 4.0mm.

Configurable per 0.1mm on a per key basis, you can customize each key towards your playstyle.

Rapid Trigger

Eliminate the next slowest element of input speed; repeated key press travel time. Rapid Trigger changes the actuation and reset point on the fly. Your keys will activate when you intend to press them and reset when you intend to let go.

You can repeat a key press mid motion, at any point of the travel, without needing to surpass a fixed reset or actuation point.

Built for performance

We built the keyboard firmware from the ground up, optimized for input speed. Turn on Tachyon mode and its sole purpose will be to consistently deliver you the fastest possible input.

Traditional keyboards adhere to cost saving matrix scanning and hide the negative impact on input speed using dissuasive marketing. Wooting keyboards read each individual key straight from the source using a smart design without negative impact.

Engineered without compromises

Programmed for the fastest input

keyboard input speed graph
wooting two HE front view

Get yours

The Wooting two HE is now open for pre-order.

Enhance your gameplay

Why do steering wheels, controllers, and other specific devices get to do all the fun in games? Analog input opens new ways for keyboards to interact in games. All the fun is right here.

Take more control in your games and leverage analog input to enhance your gameplay.

Dynamic Keystroke

Bind multiple inputs at multiple actuation points using Dynamic Keystroke (DKS). This is next level macros that you control. No timers, no strings, or scripts. It’s you and your finger press that decides when, what, and how an input activates.

Analog movement

Take gradual control of your in-game movement similar to a joystick or trigger button. You won’t need a dedicated controller for full immersion anymore. Gradual vehicle acceleration, steering, and character movement now on your keyboard*.

*Analog movement is available in selected games that support either Xinput or Directinput. This feature is not officially supported by game developers. Best experience is found in vehicle centred games.

Wooting two HE flex

The hardware

Onboard 16MB memory

Detachable USB-C cable

5052 Aluminum plate


Extended memory

The Wooting two HE equips a 16MB flash memory. That’s 6 copies of DOOM or virtually unlimited storage in keyboard terms. Everything is stored on the keyboard, no account, no cloud. Knowledge is power.

RGB your inner gamer

Per-key configurable RGB, various (analog) RGB effects, and super duper brightness. It’s all you’ll need to satisfy your RGB needs.

Wooting two HE closeup
lekker switch

Gateron x Lekker switch

A contactless magnet switch powered by Hall effect sensors. No metal leaf, pins, optics or other sensitive hardware that suffers from wear, tear, and particles. This survives the test of times and lasts millions of presses. Broke one? Just swap it out for a new one.

Its simple construction and quality build assures a frictionless linear press. There’s no bump, rub, or scratch. There’s just that linear smoothness.

Key end force:





Audible feedback:

Tactile feedback:

Total travel:



Keycap stem:



Hot swappable:




Yes, full range

100,000,000 presses





0.1 - 4.0mm

0.1 - 4.0mm

MX (cross)

Plate mounted


Yes, only Lekker switches


*Lekker switch is a trademark of Wooting Technologies. The switch is made with custom specifications.

Remap anything

You can map each key however you see fit over multiple layers and profiles. Swap around the control and caps lock, or come up with a whole new layout. Everything is saved on the keyboard. You’re in control.

The Wootility

If you’re like us, you must be pretty fed up with the bloated software from “gaming” companies. That’s why we made our own to-the-point software that we’re continuously improving. Available for MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

Powerful software


Analog SDK

Get raw analog values from each key using the Wooting analog SDK to create integrations or applications. It’s open-source and available on our github.

What customers say about thekeyboard.

stars c076f

"The Best Keyboard I've Ever Used!Love the 0.1mm actuation + rapid trigger"

Josh M

stars c076f

"AmazingI can never go back. If you guys do another, better full-size, I'll move to that, but for now, this is my daily driver."

William Richardson

stars c076f

"Nothing Quite Matches ThisThe stuff that you can do with the Wooting in gaming is just unmatched"

Robbie Danforth

stars c076f

"I had high expectations and they were exceeded. This advanced keyboard is absolutely amazing!"

Peter Achs

stars c076f

"Took a while for me to get used to the insane responsiveness of the keyboard, but once I got used to it, I saw a super positive improvement in my movement in FPS games!"

Jordy Renderos

stars c076f

"Best keyboard I've owned.Loving the keyboard so far!"

Walter Cook

Reviews & awards

Untitled 2

PC gamer

There's a whole bunch of customisability here, a great app, and superb build quality. So yes, I'm absolutely a fan.

Untitled 2

Hardware Canucks

It's my favorite analog switch to date. Both in how it feels and how it sounds. It's not too light and not to heavy. The balance is just right.

Untitled 2


It's too fast!

To sum it all up


Adjustable actuation point

Adjust each key’s actuation point to your preference. Typing, gaming, or handicap. You decide.


Rapid Trigger

Repeat key presses at a mind boggling rate without scripts or cheats.


Tachyon mode

Run it in overdrive and solely deliver consistent fast input speed of <1ms.



Grow extra fingers, start typing like a maniac and simultaneously press all the keys.


Analog Movement

Every key on the Wooting two HE can see how far you press down for analog movement.


Per-key RGB

Bright RGB backlight including unique analog input RGB effects.

You get a two year warranty and a lifetime of support.


Wooting two HE

Available in:
ANSI-US English
ISO-UK English
ISO-DE German
ISO-NR Nordics
ISO-Blank No keycaps

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Analog input?

Every key on a Wooting keyboard can detect how far down you press a key for analog input. Similar to how a joystick or trigger button on a controller works, you can gradually control the amount of input from 0 to 100%. It’s an entire new input dimension that is completely configurable and doesn’t impact regular keyboard use.

Q. Are all keys analog?

Yes, each key on a Wooting keyboard has analog input and is configurable. Lekker magnet switches have an analog input range of 0.1 to 4.0mm. This is the entire switch motion range.

Q. Can I install other switches on the Wooting two HE?

You can only install Lekker switches on the Wooting two HE/Lekker Edition. It's not possible to install Flaretech or other brand switches on the Wooting two HE/Lekker Edition. It’s also not possible to install Lekker switches on other brand keyboards or Wooting one/two Flaretech keyboards.

Flaretech optical and Lekker magnet switches each require a different circuit board with specific sensor components. This makes them incompatible with each other.

Q. What are Lekker switches?

The Lekker switch is a switch with a magnet inside the stem. This magnet is detected by a Hall effect sensor on the circuit board (PCBA). By measuring the magnet force field, we are able to calculate accurate press movement.

The Lekker switch is a brand from Wooting Technologies and manufactured by Gateron. We use a custom made Hall effect sensor for the Lekker switch. This sensor is well isolated and not easily influenced by other magnets. It is possible to remove the switch from the keyboard and use a north pole magnet in close range to activate the key.

Q. Does the Wootility software work on my system?

The Wootility software is a configuration software only, and not required to operate the keyboard. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

The Analog movement feature on Linux and MacOS is limited to games that support DirectInput. Xinput is a Windows’ proprietary API for Xbox controllers that is not available on other platforms.

Q. Does Analog movement work in all games?

Analog movement will only work in games that support either Xinput (Xbox controller) or DirectInput (generic controller). If It is not officially supported by game developers, this might cause an unpleasant or unplayable experience due to strange GUI button indications or blocking keyboard/mouse input when controller input is detected.

In our experience games that include vehicle control or simulators often provide the best playable options. It often happens that game developers change the state of their games, which might start to or stop to support this type of feature. This is why we rely on the community to keep track and share with each other their experience and setups. You’re welcome to join our Discord and ask on the #wootabase_profiles channel.

Q. Does Dynamic keystroke work in all games?

Yes, Dynamic Keystroke is seen as native keyboard inputs. It’s independent from any API, controller support or PC software. You can configure DKS on all your profiles using the Wootility.

Q. Can I really adjust the actuation point between 0.1 to 4.0mm?

By default the Wooting two HE will ship with a 0.2mm starting and 0.2mm ending software configurable deadzone. An effective range of 0.3 to 3.8mm. You can remove these dead zones using the Wootility with the caution that you might have an unstable experience.

If your actuation point is 0.1mm, your key will already activate by wiggling the keycap.

Without a dead zone of 0.2mm at the end of the press, your input values will change when wiggling the key around. This is simply not practical, but it is very cool.

Q. What’s included in the 2 year warranty?

Wooting provides a 2 year warranty on all its products from the date of shipment. This covers defects in workmanship and materials during normal use.

To provide a world-wide service, we send replacement parts that can resolve any issue. When under warranty, we do not charge for these replacement parts. When you’re outside the warranty period, we only charge a small fee for the part(s) and shipment.

All our keyboards can be taken apart with a screwdriver and two hands. All parts are replaceable. You do not require any technical skill or knowledge to fix any issue at hand.

We see this arrangement as the most effective method to reduce waste and cost, while still providing great customer service world wide.

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