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your wrists will

thank us later

Wooting wrist rest header
wrist rest top view

Did you know you have to float your hands while typing? Nope, that's because you often use WASD, ASDF or ESDF and have a "gamer-style" typing habit.

Your fingers are ready for instant action and constantly tensed. Your mechanical keyboard is uncomfortably tall and your wrists are aching on the table. You take quick moments to shake your hands and curl your fingers.

Sounds familiar? It's time you invest in a wrist rest.

wooting wrist rest

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The wrist rest for gamers


pain in your wrist

The Wooting wrist rest elevates your hand palms to relieve stress on your finger tendons. This helps prevent early hand fatigue and long-term injuries after repetitive gaming, typing or work sessions.

The design follows your mechanical keyboard's natural slope for an edgeless fit. You'll notice an immediate difference without an adjustment period.

Comfortably WASD for countless hours and apply a laid-back typing style.This is your wrists' best friend for everyday use.



Soft to the touch

Anti-slip base


You can squish it, cuddle it, but you won't sink in it. Give your palms a stable yet comfortable surface.

Natural temperature control allows long-use without breaking a sweat. It never heats or freezes. It cools.

Lots of surface, lots of grip. It won't move a bit while in use and allows a large range of hand placement.





Wooting wrist rest is made entirely of silicone for its unique qualities. It's hygienic, hypoallergenic and BPA free. This means it's skin-friendly and easy to clean.

That’s why it’s often found in the kitchen, medical field, and child's or bedroom toys.




Bend it, twist it, scratch it, the Wooting wrist rest will retain its flat shape. It doesn’t warp or curl over time. You are assured of a long life time.


Clean the wrist rest with plain water or a damp cloth. It's done in an instant without caution.

three sizes

Made to fit any tenkeyless (TKL), Full size (FS) or Mini (60%) mechanical keyboard.

multiple colors

WW multiple

the advantages

sweat resistant

Durable, it can withstand extreme conditions and never warp/curl.

Waterproof, spill a drink and it won't absorb it.

easy to clean'

Easy to clean with plain water or a wet cloth.

Soft large surface yet firm support for your palms.

bpa free

Temperature control, it stays cool during long use.

100% silicone, skin-friendly and hygienic.

Ergonomics, relieves stress from your finger tendons.

Unique Cairo pattern anti-slip surface.

wrist pain

Don't trust us

Trust our community

"Super comfortable, and easy to clean. Highly recommended!"

Christian B.

"Wooting does one thing, deliver what it says on the box. Nice quality that doesn't seem to be effected by finger oils. Fold it in half and it pops back to shape right after."

Aske C.

"Indestructible, comfortable and visually pleasing. Doubles as a spanking paddle in the bedroom"

Tino P.

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wooting wrist rest

  • Full size / Tenkeyless
  • Multiple colours
  • Do your wrists a favor.
wrist rest top view

frequently asked questions

If you’re a PC gamer, you spend most of your waking hours behind the PC. If it’s not for gaming, it’s for work or study. This means you’re actively using your mechanical keyboard for repetitive tasks, especially while gaming. There’s only so much your left hand can do during gaming. WASD, ASDF, ESDF, 1234.

An abnormal amount of repetitive tasks coupled with bad posture and tensioned finger tendons can cause serious injuries. Commonly known as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

You can guess what the number one injury is for Esport athletes.

By using the Wooting wrist rest you can relieve your finger tendons from additional tension. But using a wrist rest alone does not cure nor entirely prevent RSI or CTS. It’s a supportive tool and like many things in life, you need to change your bad posture/habits.

Q Why do I need a gaming wrist rest?

Q Will this fit with my [name] keyboard?

The Wooting wrist rest is exclusively made for mechanical keyboards. It's not recommended for membrane or few low-profile keyboards.

The total height profile of an extreme low-profile or membrane keyboard might be equal to or lower than the wrist rests' 20mm height.

We don't recommend placing your palms higher than your keyboard keys, this will potentially place more weight on your wrists and suffocate your carpal tunnel (the blood vessel and nerve tunnel to your hands).

Silicone is often used for kitchen utensils and food containers because it can ensure extreme temperatures, doesn’t contain or transfer chemicals, is easy to clean, durable and recyclable.

  • BPA Free - Bisphenol A., is a synthetic compound found in many plastics and is under scrutiny for its negative health effects. BPA can leach into the skin during long-exposure.
  • Hygienic - Bacteria aren’t able to fest on the material and it’s easy to sterilize by wiping it clean.
  • Hypoallergenic - If you have sensitive skin, it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction or irritation.

Q What do all those silicone benefits mean?

Q I have a specific question

If you purchase the Wooting wrist rest together with a Wooting keyboard, you'll automatically receive a 10% discount on the wrist rest.

Q Can I get a discount?

You're welcome to reach out to us on social@wooting.io.