Wooting 5 sided Dye-sub PBT Keycap Set - Take Control

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These PBT keycaps underwent a 5-sided dye sublimation process, also known as inverse dye-sublimation. The original white PBT keycaps are imbued with a graphical dye. This fuses the PBT plastic surface with the dye to retain the longevity of PBT keycaps without loss of graphic after intense use. The Take Control colors are iconic to the Wooting 60HE keyboard, using black with yellow. The lines and waves over the keycaps represent a magnetic wave. These are printed at an angle to align with each other from a user perspective, instead of top down.

To make sure you still know what is what, there are legends on the front-side of the keycaps, and the top side is completely clean.


  • ANSI-US layout
  • 61 Keycaps for 60% keyboards
  • Cherry profile
  • 5-sided dye sublimation


  1. ISO layout is not compatible.
  2. If you have per-key LED and set the brightness to its highest, the yellow keycaps will start to show translucency. If we would add more light blocking material, the black colors will become more gray. We made a healthy balance.


Key unit layout overview


Dye sublimation plastic injection keycap with graphics imbued through dye-sublimation.
PBT plastic A stiffer and more durable plastic than ABS plastic. PBT doesn’t discolor or develop shine over time.
5-sided dye The dye is sulbimated on all 5 sides of the keycap
Seamless Legends O, B, R, Q, R and any key legend that makes a full closed circle is seamless without a gap.


Package contains:

  • ANSI-US : 61x Keycaps
  • 2x Keycap blister closed tray

Minimal system requirements:

  • Fingers


If you have any questions, please reach out to us on social@wooting.io

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