Wooting Switch Lube set (Krytox 205G0 & Molykote EM-50L)

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Product summary

The two-in-one lubricant set from Wooting for your mechanical switches and stabilizers. If you need switch tools for opening and lubricating the switches, you can combine it with the ://blank's switch toolkit for a discount.

Wooting's lubricant set includes:

  • 10g (5ml) Krytox 205G0 switch lube
  • 4.2g (5ml) Molykote EM-50L stabilizer wire grease

Krytox is the most popular switch lubricant among enthusiasts. 1ml can cover at least 90 switches, 5ml is good for at least 450 switches. This lubricant has a balanced viscosity to make your switches feel smooth and will significantly sound dampen or create that thock sound when applied to the housing.

Molykote from duPont is Wooting's recommended stabilizer wire grease. This is also used in Wooting's stock keyboards. It is thicker and stickier to ensure it eradicates all stabilizer rattle. This is to only be applied on the wire and wire area, not on the switch or stabilizer stems.


What do you receive

Krytox 205G0 10 Gram (~5ml)

Enough for 400~500 switches
Molykote EM-50L 4.2 Gram (~5ml)

Plenty, for plenty of keyboards (no estimate at this time)

Optional to combine with: ://blank switch toolkit

Switch openerCompatible with:

Lekker switches.
Flaretech switches.
Gateron switches
Cherry/clone switches.
Kailh (box) switches.

Feel free to reach out when in doubt
TweezerTo grab all the small parts while lubing.
Switch pullerAll-round tool to remove your hot-swappable switches.
Two brushesEach brush handle has a different color. Use one for lubing switches and the other for greasing the stabilizer wires.


If you have any question, please feel free to reach out to social@wooting.io

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