Wooting Double Shot Backlit PBT Keycap Set - Just Black

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Seamless Double Shot Backlit PBT keycaps with 1.5mm thick walls, textured surface, and non-gamer design. The legends will never fade, tear or wear and last longer than your keyboard.

Compatible with cross shape stems (including Lekker switches).

The set includes all keys to cover a full-size keyboard with unique Wooting keys:

  • A1, A2, A3
  • Mode key

Unique to the ANSI - US English and ISO - UK English language are additional keys to make it compatible with unique layouts such as:

  • 60% with arrow keys
  • 65% with smaller right shift
  • 75% with smaller right shift and modifiers.
  • See key unit overlay in specifications for more.


Key unit layout overview


Double Shot 2 plastic injections. 1 for the outer shell, 1 for the legend, merged together as 1 keycap. This will never fade.
PBT plastic A stiffer and more durable plastic than ABS plastic. PBT doesn’t discolor or develop shine over time.
Backlit The legends on the keys allow LED backlight to go through.
Seamless Legends O, B, R, Q, R and any key legend that makes a full closed circle is seamless without a gap.


Package contains:

  • ISO-NR/DE : 109x Keycaps
  • ISO-UK/ANSI-US: 138x Keycaps
  • 2x Keycap blister closed tray

Minimal system requirements:

  • Fingers


Will this fit my keyboard?

Wooting keycaps will fit any standard layout keyboard. These have a "standard bottom row" with 1.25 unit modifier and 6.25 unit spacebar keys. The ANSI-US and ISO-UK have an additional 30 keys that allow compatibility with non-standard bottom rows

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