Lekker Switch - Linear60 (L60)

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A contactless magnet switch compatible with hall effect/magnet (Wooting)keyboards. No metal leaf, pins, optics or other sensitive hardware that suffers from wear, tear, and particles. Its simple construction and quality build assures a frictionless linear press.

The L60 falls under the medium press category, it's a good middle ground if you fatigue fast with heavy switches and have too many typos with light switches.

Available in 12 and 70 pack.


  • Start: 40cN (gram force)
  • End: 60cN (gram force)
  • Linear actuation over 4mm

If you have a defect, it's best to contact customer service for replacements.

Disclaimer: Any damage caused by erroneous installation of the switches (for example wrong orientation) is not covered by warranty for the keyboard or switches. Please follow the quickstart guide.


Lekker Linear60

Switch type Lekker switch
Material Non-magnetic Steel spring, Nylon translucent bottom housing, PC transparent top housing, POM stem
Color Lekker Turquoise
Start cN 40
End cN 60
Feedback Linear over 4mm

Package contains:

12 pack

  • 12x Linear60 Lekker switch

70 pack

  • 70x Linear60 Lekker switch
  • Storage container

Minimal system requirements:

  • Keyboard with Hall Sensors (e.g. Wooting keyboard)


Do I need special tools to replace the switch?

You'll need a switch puller to remove the old switch. Installing the switch can be done by hand.

Will this fit other brand keyboards?

At this time, there are no other hall effect keyboards that allow you to swap switches. If there is a model and the hall sensor (or original switch magnet) is located in the centre, these might be compatible.

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