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We want analog input keyboards to be the industry standard. This is the next step. The Lekker switch, a full range analog input switch for mechanical keyboards. It uses a magnetism principle known as the Hall Effect to detect analog input. Thanks to this new breakthrough, Wooting’s features such as analog movement control, adjustable actuation point and dynamic keystroke (DKS) can reach their full potential. Learn more about the development in this blog post.

WOOTING presents

The Lekker switch

Full range analog switch

with hall effect magic


How the magic works

The Lekker switch is a Hall Effect switch. It has a magnet attached to the stem that is detected by a Hall Effect sensor underneath on the PCB. The closer the magnet nears the sensor, the stronger the signal is. L earn more...
We can convert this to full range analog input and have the freedom to play around with the entire switch range. This is going to be Lekker.

It’s what you expect from a good switch but then with better technology. The Lekker switch houses a square stem to ensure a stable press with its key component, the magnet, which is attached to the front side.

The stem can fit standard mx cross keycaps, the bottom case can fit any standard switch plate and the spring inside is swappable for others on the market.

The casing is entirely made of transparent PC plastic, so that it will light up like a Lekker piece of candy, visible from all 4 sides. This will allow the light to be visible even if you use non-backlit keycaps. PC plastic was used for all the components to ensure an as smooth as possible key press and long durability.

Lekker simple

Key end force:




Scanning speed:

Tactile feedback:

Audible feedback:

Total travel distance:

Actuation point:

Reset point:

Keycap stem:




Yes, full range

100,000,000 clicks

< 1ms




0.1 - 3.8mm (beta specs)

0.1 - 3.8mm (beta specs)

MX (cross)

Plate mounted


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Lekker specs

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Wooting two lekker edition

The first keyboard that will feature the lekker switch is now open for pre-order.


Hall effect sensor

Magnet on the stem

Untitled 4
Lekker switch open copy
pointer small wedge
pointer small wedge
pointer small wedge
pointer small wedge
pointer rounded triangle
pointer rounded triangle

Pre-order now

The Wooting Lekker switch made with Huano went through a major change. We had to discontinue working with Huano and decided to collaborate with Gateron to create the Gateron x Lekker Magnet Switch.

Hop over to the new switch page.

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Why we had to make the change
More details of the Gateron x Lekker switch