Industrial designer / Full-time / Taiwan Taichung

Job description

A new product idea emerges, a project is setup, and you get started with the product design (brainstorm) in collaboration with your team leader and/or CEO. You are part of the product development from its inception up to its mass production.

The first step is to create a viable product that can be communicated to the manufacturer for prototyping. A workable 3D design for basic products, but with complex products there is more scrutiny that involves creating  3D printed samples, a CMF document, and a bill of material (BOM) with the project manager to effectively communicate with the manufacturer. A lot of the design mechanical parts and concepts are pre-tested when possible.

When the manufacturer receives the product information, they will get started with the product development and you will be evaluating samples, problem-solving, and ensuring the integrity of the product. Nearing the end of the process, you’ll be working on the product packaging design (non-graphic) in collaboration with our graphic designer(s).

You are in frequent contact with your colleagues in Taiwan including the team leader and project manager. In addition, you are in contact with the CEO during product development and problem-solving.

About Wooting

Wooting is a young, growing company made of passionate people that make disruptive products for the gaming industry. Our tight-knit team doesn’t operate like most companies: we value the perspectives and opinions that individuals at all levels can offer our business. With that, we expect that each and every person strives to make meaningful contributions, not just in their specific role, but across the business.

Taiwan Office

Wooting’s Taiwan team currently consists of 7 people. There are: two industrial designers, a product project manager, electronics engineer, mechanical engineer, customer support, and business project manager. Everybody works remote, and we’re in search of an office location in Taichung to allow a place of collaboration and focused work, if required.

The Head of industrial design and CEO are located in Taiwan. Your other colleagues are located in Europe, primarily in the Netherlands..

Relevant tools we use:

  • Virtual office for voice communication on Gather
  • General and project communications on Slack
  • Company Wiki, Project- , and task management on Notion
  • Product 3D drawings can be made with PTC Creo / Solidworks
  • Product renders and animations can be made with Keyshot / C4D

Job details

  • Responsible for the integrity of the product design and its development towards mass production
  • Create a 2D and 3D concept drawing of the product.
  • Create a Color Material Finish (CMF) document.
  • Concept presentation of the product.
  • Create 3D prints or other methods for prototypes.
  • Evaluating product samples through the different stages of the project.
  • Create product packaging design (non-graphics) and evaluate for mass production.
  • Communication with manufacturer or suppliers on your projects to solve issues with design and/or material.
  • Close collaboration with team members to brainstorm, create product elements, or solve complex issues.

Skill required

  • Well known with 1 CAD software : PTC Creo(preferred) or Solidworks
  • At least 3 years of working experience within the field
  • Ability to create renders with Keyshot or C4D
  • Familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Familiarity with different material processes (e.g. Plastic injection, CNC aluminum) and have basic experience with mechanical design
  • English: Minimal intermediate Fluency(You can express yourself in English but sometimes make grammar and pronunciations errors)
  • Mandarin Chinese: Native(This is your mother tongue)

Optional skill:

  • Experience with electronic product development
  • Develop product animations using C4D
  • Can create smooth animation through C4D


  • Team communication, be critical - Don’t make assumptions, question every detail, and be to the point
  • Pro-active approach. Be ahead of potential issues and prepare for the worst-case scenario
  • Capable to work independently and take responsibility for the work you take on

Remote work/geographical

  • Located in or close to Taichung, Taiwan.
  • Possibility to work from home if task allows.
  • No fixed “must be in” office hours, you work as a team, and come together to collaborate. The office in a tool.
  • Your working hours are flexible but require at least 2 up to 4 hour overlap with the Netherlands. There are 2 mandatory slots on Monday and Thursday for team gatherings.

Salary and benefits

  • Full-time position (40 hours)
  • Local contract with health benefits and insurance.
  • Salary start with NTD$40K~ 60K, depending on prior work experience.
  • Budget for purchasing office equipment
  • Budget for working outside home
  • 20 paid holidays per year excluding the Taiwan National Holidays
  • In communication with team and your own ability to keep up with work, you can freely arrange days off.

How To Apply

Please fill in the form below. For the cover letter please answer two questions:

  1. What makes you interested in working at Wooting?
  2. Can you share one recent project that you are proud of? This can be a work or hobby project.

Any application that doesn’t answer these two questions will be automatically rejected.

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Industrial designer / Full-time / Taiwan Taichung

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