Customer service / Full-time / Taiwan

You will communicate with Wooting's customers to complete a wide range of support requests via email and Discord. These include: investigating and following up on shipping cases, processing returns, and working with fulfillment center partners to ensure accountability for fulfillment errors and the processing of shipment claims

Your role will require an attention to detail, have a process-oriented mindset, and the ability to work across numerous different internal and external systems.

When customers reach out needing assistance, you'll be responsible for getting them the support they need in a helpful and informative way. All of the processes have standard operating procedures (SOPs) built by the customer service- and administrative team to work effectively without error.

You will not be working alone, but instead with a team of passionate people from diverse backgrounds that support you in solving inquiries and help train you on our products, our processes, and most importantly our company culture. Together, you'll help ensure that the entire customer experience runs smoothly, efficiently, and transparently.

This job listing is specifically focused on "customer support" over "technical support." Depending on your particular skills, preferences, and personal development goals, this entry position can grow into either a process support role or into a technical support expert role.

These tasks can all be completed from the comfort of your home. While our company is based in the Netherlands, our employees mostly work remotely, with flexible work hours.

About Wooting

Wooting is a young, growing company made of passionate people that make disruptive products for the gaming industry. Our tight-knit team doesn’t operate like most companies: we value the perspectives and opinions that individuals at all levels can offer our business. With that, we expect that each and every person strives to make meaningful contributions, not just in their specific role, but across the business.

We are customer centric and operate with modern practices, open communications, and transparency.

Remote work

The entire team works remote from home, (shared) workspace, a cafe, or a combination. There is no official office in the Netherlands and an (work in progress) office in Taichung, Taiwan. Office time is not mandatory, instead it’s a place for collaboration, sample storage, and equipment to help you get the job done.

Most of the Wooting team is located in the Netherlands consisting of customer service, developers, and marketing. The second largest concentration of the the team is located in Taiwan consisting primarily of product development. The CEO, CTO, and CCO are currently located in the Netherlands. There are also colleagues in Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark and United Kingdom

We communicate entirely in English.

Relevant tools we use

  • Virtual office for voice communications on Gather
  • General and project communications on Slack
  • Company Wiki, project- and task-management on Notion
  • Customer support tickets on Helpscout
  • Community support tickets on Discord

Job details

  • Handle a wide range of customer support tasks
  • Coordinate with fulfillment and return centers to ensure efficient case resolution
  • Answer inquiries from customers located worldwide in written English
  • Critically review Wooting's processes from a customer's perspective and how we can support them
  • Frequently collaborate with your colleagues to solve support requests and create more efficient workflows

Skills required

  • Familiarity with electronic consumer products
  • Detail-oriented and process-driven mindset
  • The ability to work across multiple systems
  • The capacity to manage your own time effectively
  • English: fluent speaking, excellent writing

Optional skills

  • Technical support in consumer electronics
  • Technical writing skills


  • Empathy for customers seeking solutions
  • Effective written communication skills
  • Capability to work remotely from home while effectively managing your time and communicating with your team
  • Willing to learn new processes and take initiative on continuous improvements.

Remote work/geographical

  • Located anywhere in Taiwan
  • Fully remote working environment.
  • Informal working environment.
  • Customer Service team is centralized in CET (Amsterdam local time). Your working hours are flexible but require at least 2-4 hours of overlap with your team. There are 2 mandatory slots on Mondays and Thursdays for team gatherings.
  • You can freely arrange days off as long as you assure close coordination with the team and your own ability to keep up with work.

Salary and benefits

  • Full-time position
  • Local contract with health benefits and insurance.
  • Salary start with NTD$40~ 55K, depending on prior work experience.
  • Budget for purchasing office equipment
  • Budget for working outside of home if preferable, such as co-working space or occasional coffee spot.
  • 20 paid holidays per year in addition to the Taiwan National Holidays

How to apply

Please fill in the form below. For the cover/motivation letter, please answer these two questions:

  1. What makes you interested in working at Wooting?
  2. Can you share one recent customer service experience that you are proud of? This can be be an experience as an employee or a customer

Any application that doesn't answer the above two questions will be automatically rejected.

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Customer service / Full-time / Taiwan

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