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25 September 2019

This is where you pay up

You can find the latest project updates below, including the estimated timeline.

You can discuss each update publicly on Twitter and ask questions using the embedded twitter posts. If you’d like to casually talk be sure to say hi on our Discord or join our bi-weekly Twitch livestreams the next one will be 27 September, 15:00 GMT+2

Talk soon!
~ Calder

26th September

October 2019

November 2019

January 2020

Pre-order launch

Final sample

Final product sample tuned for mass production

In this stage we will produce a small quantity in preparation for the mass production

Trial production

Mass production

All 1000 keyboards will be produced.

Here is where it will land on your desk

Delivery to you!

February 2020

Project updates

Promo video

20 September 2019

Only 1000 Left!

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Keyboard information


Project updates

Pre-order now

Project updates