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Take control


Don’t miss a thing and be notified in advance with all the information and release of the Wooting 60HE.


Take control

My movement is off… Perhaps my response is too slow… Or is my muscle memory slipping… stop - no more excuses. Take control with the Wooting 60HE and unleash the best of you.

Small size - tons of space. The most versatile layout you can carry with only 1 limitation. Your creativity. Set multiple layers, access tons of functions, and become hacker(wo)man.


Your edge nobody considered. Take analog control over in-game motion, set multiple actions controllable over a single keystroke, or activate rapid trigger. Grab some cake, this is for the experts.  


This is you pressing a key | In <1ms: switch actuates, debounces keyboard polls, micro-chip processes, USB polls | and now it’s all your PC. This is peak performance from start to end. No marketing BS.

Input speed

The fastest switches ever made. Set an actuation point of 0.1mm for the fastest response or 4.0mm for the greatest accuracy. Gaming, typing, or work, your fingers will cry with joy.

Lekker switches

Universal case design

GeekHack’s greatest invention, copied by many, and now considered the universal standard for 60% keyboards. You can install 3rd party 60% keyboards in the 60HE case or install the 60HE module into 3rd party (aluminum) cases. You can even make your own case or use no case. Take control.


Open for pre-orders

September 2021

Don’t miss a thing and be notified in advance with all the information and release of the Wooting 60HE.


Ready yourself

The Wooting 60HE will launch pre-order in September and deliver in q2 2022. At this time we’re opening the molds/tooling and verifying our electronic design. We’re just missing your support to bring it to production.

Founders campaign

At launch, the first 30 days is the Founders campaign. If you pre-order during the campaign period, you’ll become a founder with exclusive perks and a permanent mark on the final product. This is you with us challenging the industry.

You're not alone

You’ll become part of the Wooting community or silently support the development, we’re in it together. You’ll join our journey from start to end in product development with monthly video updates, bi-weekly livestreams, and vibrant (discord) community.

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