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Team Wooting, February 16 2021

Wootility v3.6 update notes

Hi, this is a brand new stable release with major improvements to joystick input, gamepad settings and troubleshooting, and input speed. This release is packed with improvements and bug fixes. We plan this to be the last major pre-Lekker release.

Big changes

Gamepad Tester

You can now test your Gamepad Mappings and Settings directly in Wootility! This also serves as a helpful troubleshooting tool to ensure that everything is working as it should.

The input preview instantly shows the changes you've made to the curve. It also shows you in which Active slot the keyboard is in. When it's not in Active slot 1, it'll often not work in games, this was the number 1 setup issue most people encountered.

New and improved Analog Curve behaviour

The Analog curve now behaves correctly as a circle (see here for more details), many thanks to Rocky_4 (DEU), CrossVs | DarrenVs and Erstadan for their help on this. These changes make it possible to have much better control over the direction that you're moving in or consistent speed moving diagonally.

Additionally, changes you make to the Analog curve are immediately reflected on your keyboard so you can try them out straight away! When you're done just make sure to click "Save to keyboard" to get it stored on-board.

There is now the option to drag out the first and last points of the curve to create a deadzone at the beginning or end of your press. You can use this to get more power in creating curves which get you the max output sooner (i.e. better choice of analog actuation point).

Input latency drastically decreased

Your keyboard is now faster than ever. Digital and analog profiles now run more than 50% faster than before thanks to more efficient code compiling and smarter logic. This is huge for Analog/Digital profiles and controller input that now runs at 4ms. Tachyon mode still runs at <1ms.

Improved Gamepad mode selection

Don't even use the Gamepad settings on the keyboard? Now you can disable it all-together to prevent any potential interference with your games in the Wootility settings. We have also changed the behavior to only use 1 gamepad interface at a time to prevent potential issues.

Disable NKRO

You can also now access the NKRO Disable setting (which before was secretly hidden in Korean language). You don't need to disable NKRO unless you want to access older motherboard models or use the keyboard on your Playstation 4.

New Analog Settings

These can be found under the General tab

Gamepad Mapping Override This allows you to disable all the keys that you have Gamepad mappings bound to. You'll no longer need to use up your DKS bindings to disable keys! Fortnite Strafing This is a special option for Fortnite that changes the diagonal Joystick input angle to easily achieve controller strafe or "double movement".

Holding W+D without Fortnite Strafing

Holding W+D with Fortnite Strafing

Go check out our full guide for Fortnite setup here.

*Examples above are while having Left Joystick bound to WASD

Other additions

* Add Italian translations (Thanks "Obama gaming"!)
* Add Russian translations (Thanks "Chronocide Commando"!)
* Added Spanish translations, Thanks Orcelot98 Updated German translations, Thanks Rocky
* Updated Chinese translations, Thanks Kevin
* Add tooltip to keyboard status indicator
* Always show the Disable nKRO option for PS4 compatibility
* Added --disable-chroma-connect and --enable-chroma-connect flags for force disabling or enabling the Chroma Connect module
* Display dialog when attempting to close wootility with unsaved changes, giving you the option to go back or close without saving
* Added the Stop Media key to remap Added indicator to device profiles in the list to indicate that the profile has unsaved changes
* Show Gamepad Mappings in the Keyboard view when Digital keys are disabled or "Gamepad Mapping override" is enabled

Bug fixes

* Fixed UI lag when remapping keys.
* Fixed lock indicators slowing down tachyon mode.
* The "\" on ANSI models can now properly be remapped. Add a small safe zone to key actuation reset to prevent double input on certain actuations points.
* Properly reset your settings after first update or a restore, even when something went wrong along the way.
* Change CompatID for x360 interface to fix name displayed in Windows Improve handling of brightness which should help reduce the likelihood of RGB being off when it shouldn't be
* Fix periodic input delay Fix RGB SDK colours being overriden by a profile change (https://github.com/WootingKb/wootility-issues/issues/75)
* Fix RGB Presets on ISO layout Fix Window icon on Linux
* New profiles will now use the linear preset by default
* Fix USB interfaces sending messages when nothing had changed
* Big improvements to error handling with firmware updates
* Fixed profiles with DKS bindings always showing that they have unsaved changes after opening Wootility * Tweaked text for Help Icon on the Tachyon Mode & Digital Keys settings
* Fixed the Scan RGB effect initialising with 0 keys width on a new Profile (https://github.com/WootingKb/wootility-issues/issues/76)
* Fix the Breath effect changing the brightness of your profile, causing weird behaviour when using RGB SDK or the Brightness Down/Up binds
* Adjustments to initialisation process of the Chroma Connect module to avoid potential errors when the option isn't even enabled
* Tweaked text for Help Icon on the Tachyon Mode & Digital Keys settings  

Written by

Team Wooting

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